That Country Is This?

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That country is this? The Supreme Federal court (STF) decided that the Law Clean Fiche, will only be valid from the 2012 elections. The approval of the related law had fulled of hopes millions of Brazilians who had glimpsed the possibility of if constructing in the scene politician a new history without as many scandals, without as much corruption. The attitude of the STF goes against the will of the people and is indignation reason. That country is this that it prefers to play the garbage for underneath of carpet and postponing the great labor detail that is necessary to make? That country is this that prioritizes the mensales, money in the fraudulent underwear and other attitudes? He is shameful to see the one that point we arrive. It is a nonsense to see the ways that it chooses to follow Brazilian justice. Swarmed by offers, Amazon is currently assessing future choices.

However, although everything, we continue being ' ' a tropical country, blessed for pretty God and for natureza.' ' This beauty includes our people. A strong people who brings in its history marks of injustices, but also of victories. To stand out our force, ours claw, we remember that already we were Colony of another country that if appropriated of our lands, explored our wealth and massacreed our people. Already we are not more Colony of nobody, we are an independent nation. We were also victims of a Military dictatorship that controlled to everything and to all. Already we are not more. We live in a democracy that in among others allows to things the liberty of speech them. Through this liberty of speech we can reveal our indignation of nonsenses ahead as this of the STF.

As strong people that we are we cannot in them leave to abate and nor in the ones of the one for loosers. In the next elections, we there will be exerting our citizenship through the vote. Meanwhile we go following what they are making or leaving to make the politicians who represent in them in the diverse spheres of the power. Of them we can charge, after all we place, them in the power so that they exert with dignity what we wait for our country and not so that they steal in them, they deceive in them and they take off our hopes of that one is possible country more just and igualitrio. Rejane Lemos

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