Still Life

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Focus rasstonie lens does not actually change, if it is used as a film camera, or digital, but use with a digital camera there is 'crop' – 'circumcision' edges. Correspondingly decreases the field of view lens. Crop factor – the value that gives the equivalent focal length lens, used with a digital camera having a sensor smaller than a standard frame of film 135 (24×36 mm). For example, a lens with focal length 18 – 70 mm when used with a digital camera, Nikon D70, has a crop factor 1,5, equivalent to a film camera will be 27 – 105 mm, ie, field of view will correspond to the lens with a focal Ruston 27 – 105 mm, used with a film camera. Field of view in this case is approximately 73 – 23 diagonal shot.

Saturation – this is one of the characteristics of an objective visual perception of color, determines the degree of color tone and is usually associated with the amount of dye in solution or on painted surface. Measured in percentage. Saturation is characterized by such definitions as 'live' (vivid), 'strong' (strong) or 'deep' (deep). Unsaturated colors are characterized by the definition of 'dull' (dull), 'weak' (weak) or 'Washed out'. Still Life – (French nature morte, Italian. Natura morta, literally – dead nature; nlg. Stilleven, therein. Stilleben, Eng. Still life, literally, quiet, or a fixed life), a genre of fine arts (mainly of painting), which devoted picture of things, placed in a single environment, and organized group.

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