Soviet Socialist Republics

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This because the people is ahead of the joy of the leader and its benevolence, being that the leader is ' ' defensor' ' of its people, and that he leads and said, what he is good bad for its people. Ahead of the aesthetic one of the Totalitarianism, maniquesmo if makes almost that total gift in its day. The Fascism and the Nazism, that had had its apex and its destruction in the period of world-wide wars, had used to advantage of satiated raw material to moldurar its governmental programs. The lack of a leader who took Italy and Germany to a place between the great European nations came to be supplanted with the appearance of ' ' Fuhrer and of the Duce' '. Although many scholars reduce the importance politics of Mussolini and comment that the Italian Fascism had a force lowermost politics in relation to Germany de Hitler.

The Fascism if drew out for other European countries of agricultural and half-industrialized character as Spain and Portugal, as well as the working-class movement, having as first the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, lulled to sleep one incited fight between the left and the right in some European countries, motivated in very for the incredulity in liberalism and the moral crisis that the Europe passed after the World War I soon. Around this scope it had a proliferation of small dictatorships as much rightist, how much leftist. Already before the crisis of 1929, regimes authoritarian and fascists they arrive at the power: in 1919 in the Hungria (Admiral Horthy), in 1922 in Italy (Mussolini), in 1923 in Spain (Primo de Rivera) and Turkey (Kemal Ataturk) in 1925 in Albania (Amhed Zogu), in 1926 in the Poland (Pilsudski) in the Litunia (Smetona Voldemars) and in Portugal (Gomes of the Coast), and in 1929 in Yugoslavia (where the King Alexander surprises the constitution and organizes an authoritarian government.

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