Sociology Politics

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For in such a way, some of the theoreticians who argue Science Politics contemporary, will illuminate the course of this text. It is read: Huntington (1975) and Lipset (2001) when dealing with the Theories of the modernization, Inglehart (1993) when approaching the influence of the values after-materialists of auto-expression in the sphere of the Culture politics, Putnam (1996) when dealing with the civic values as essential for the good performance politician in the moving one to the Capital stock; Przeworski (1994) when dealing with the institutionalization of the rational choice as condition for the democracy and Pizzorno (1966) when defending the participation politics as condition for the democratic system. Finally, Avritzer will be used (1996) as a critic of the theories of the transistion in general, to also support some consideraes concerning all the developed theoretical knottings throughout the text. II – The THEORY OF the MODERNIZATION From the years the 50 reflections about Sociology Politics they had left local analyses for the context of other nations geographically. Of – there, the sprouting of the comparative politics as a method of analysis of the phenomenon of the change politics. As responsible for this first quarrel, we have Huntington (1975) and Lipset (2001) that when dealing with the Theories of the modernization they had brought the thesis of that countries in modernization phase would present great instability politics. The great mark of the societies in modernization process was of that the development of the State was behind the evolution of the society, that is, the wide development in the economic and social area of many countries, was not folloied by the efficiency of its system politician, resulting in a great hiato between social development and efficiency of the Government. Important criteria for the institutionalization of the politics that would support the partner-economic development had been reached, as for example: adaptability and complexity as well as, autonomy cohesion of the organizations politics.

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