Social Assistance

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Second (MENDONA, 2010): ' ' All this effort demonstrates that the society yearns for urgent measures, of short term as form to try to also correct a historical error that finished for not only keeping out of society people with deficiency in the work market, but in sociedade' ' ' ' The companies must improve the estruturao of its social action, aiming at the use of mechanisms that provide a bigger visibility of these practical, being social rocking one of these possible mechanisms, in fulfilment new the proposal of guarantee of property imposed for the Federal Constitution and mercado.' ' As MENDONA (2010) the companies need to rescue the social function, having for bigger objective the promotion of the quality in the relations of the public of the company with practical that the people, the community and the environment, so that thus let us can construct to a society more joust and quality of life it human being, with activity respect more condizente with the social and legal ditames today established in our community. Today with the Law of the Quotas, when a company does not fill what she determines the Law are applied fines to the companies who not to reach the number of employees, these will suffer administrative punishments for not the fulfilling from the vacant. But in this company alone if they contract deficient physicists and the person is not forced to be in the job, it has its choice. For even more opinions, read materials from Paulo Coelho. MENDONA (2010) concludes: ' ' The correct interpretation of the law imposes the company looks people with deficiency who if fit in its profile, revealing its offers of vacant. However the celebration, in fact, of the employment contract exceeds to the limits of performance of the company, therefore it depends on acceptance of candidatos.' ' 1.1 SOCIAL WELFARE According to documents of the Social welfare of the Brazilian government: Benefit of Continued Installment of the Social Assistance BPC-LOAS to aged and the person with deficiency the Benefit of Continued Installment of the Social Assistance BPC-LOAS, is a benefit of the social, integrant assistance of the Only System of the Social Assistance ITS, paid for the Federal Government, whose the operacionaliizao of the recognition of the right is of the National Institute of the Insurance Social INSS and assured by law, that allows to the people and access aged with deficiency the conditions minims of a worthy life. .

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