Scientology Dianetics Seminar

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The purpose of Dianetics is to achieve a new state of the person to whom it seeks to throughout its history, but have never been able to achieve. This condition is called CLEAR. In Dianetics it was discovered that all painful sufferings that you are kept in a previously unknown part of the mind – the reactive mind. This is the only source of stress, unreasonable fears and insecurities. At the “Seminar Dianetic Hubbard,” you get professional assistance of trained Dianetics.

And you will be working with other people who like and you are ready to deal with things that hinder them in life, and trapped in the reactive mind. July 17-18, in the Odessa church Scientology Dianetics Seminar hosted the Hubbard attended Odessa, Lvov, and parishioners from Nikolaev. Dianetics – this is great! I saw and understood why, in my life and the lives of my loved ones are committed actions, we can not give an explanation. How do the memories, when the circumstances the person ceases to control your body and the situation in which there is. And most importantly I learned to get rid of and this can help others! LE Well, I do not know … yet not fully aware of what just happened, but I think I was born! The mood just on the rise, I smile because I want to and not because it is necessary. I’ll go for a walk and just everything think it over.

Thank you very much! O.F. With Dianetics, I felt like the past affect me and my life. Saying the incident for the first time I felt a terrible emotion, and then where to 7 times to realize that saying the smile. At first I did not believe it but when I realized it laughed even more. My computer cried and cried and cried and then started to laugh like a child crying over than 10 minutes. Super! It’s really an adventure! RM I really liked it to be an auditor. My PC wept much at first, but then began to smile and it gave me so much strength and energy. I understand how you can truly help people. The most I was a little hard, but I am confident I will succeed. Thank you! BM Receiving instructions necessary for you and using the movie “How to Use Dianetics,” in which the concept of a concept are given information about Dianetics technology, you will quickly learn everything you need to get started. Seminars are held every weekends from morning to evening. You will also receive a personal consultation about what your next step to accelerate your movement toward the ultimate goal – the state of Clear. Get success and happiness, which you really want and can achieve.

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