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The reading takes in them to the reflection. Sartre affirmed ‘ ‘ the hell is outros’ ‘. is not this the reason of all our difficulty of relationship? Our intolerncia if exaggerates when we treat to perceive the other people’s defects, our language is sharp and our ferinas comments.We forget for a moment that all we are human and passveis of errors. We charge the perfection other people’s and rare we look in them in the critical mirror with the necessary one. If we exert the difficult art of the clemency, of the search of what it is good and pleasant in this or that person that bothers in them, either in any scope, we will grow as individuals.I do not want here to say that let us must lose our critical sense. We must yes, dose it and be more intent what it really interests to criticize. The critical one for the critical one, would mesquinharia, the envy or the lack of what to speak, in nothing adds in them. If to learn to criticize constructively, we will be next to the growth and the solution of the problems afflict that them.Until ours ‘ ‘ inimigos’ ‘ we must give to the hands, objectifying the common good.

To be of opposing sides many times in the blind person. When we occupy the extremities we do not look at for what it is in the way. Tip of the rope interests us it that we hold, the flag that we raise.Politics had more tolerance in ours and would be stronger. It had more tolerance in our convivncia with the next one, with the divergences, we would be more human. It had more tolerance in everything what we make and we would be less blind for a new world that if discloses independently of our will.

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