San Jeronimo

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/ More 1,000 people are manifested in the Carrera de San Jeronimo. We have heard cries against the collective agreement being negotiated. The 15-M movement follows after the lifting of the camping. Around 1,000 campers of the Puerta del Sol have led this Wednesday conducted an act of protest against the labor reforms that has gathered dozens of people who have been cut to traffic the plaza de Canalejas and career of Saint Jerome, where the Congress of Deputies is located. Thousands of people have gathered from six in the evening in the center of the capital to carry out a run against the labor reform that aims to approve the Government. For hours, the demonstrators have shouted slogans against collective bargaining and politicians in general. After a main banner with the motto I think, then I resist. and another header in which you could read labor reform for politicians, hundreds of people occupied the road from plaza de Canalejas and part of the career of San Jeronimo in address to the Congress of Deputies.

The outraged have marcadho towards the seat of the lower house with shouts of violence is not reach the end of month, employers, labour, stop reform, does not lack money, sobran thieves or that, that, that we go to Congress and carrying banners against collective bargaining, with slogans such as Act propatron, exploitative not, cuts for rich first, negotiation, imposition or slave to rent. During the Act of protest, the banded threatened to camp outside the headquarters of the lower House shouting that, that, that camping in the Congress, at the time carrying a tent. This circumstance prompted a tense moment with the national police, since the banded brandished the tent and proved against the police cordon of riot agents protecting the Congress. Shortly before midnight remained in the area a dozen police vans waiting way preventiv (a) if necessary your intervention to dissolve the protest. Source of the news: the campers from Sun change the daily Assembly by a demonstration in front of the Congress

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