Running a Small Country Like a Business

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One element that makes the difference between running a small business managerially and great is the management of uncertainty. Understood this, not the lack of market part of the company, as one might think, but as the approach of the unexpected changes. For companies not knowing their markets would pay the consequences of recognition of him. Learn more at this site: Paulo Coelho. But when it comes to uncertainty are the customers who must pay the company to build the flexibility required to attend these unexpected changes, otherwise the company could not transfer prices, the cost of this ignorance, more even though the flexibility to build and maintain, is one of the criteria recognized in the competitive global market and is credited as a feature interesting observation, especially for small businesses. This is understandable since in the extent to which globalization is accelerating, there is growing uncertainty about the necessary products, the volumes of production and life cycles of the same. It also grows small business management uncertainty maneuver, if you can detect in advance the nature of it and how to quickly select develop the necessary flexibility to deal with it.

Here the versatility and simplicity of its organizational structure allows you to build the kind of flexibility that fits your business strategy. Definitely the Venezuelan management must give way to a more dynamic, promote the changes required to cope with the current governments actions presented to ensure their survival, not to neglect their resources, knowing the opportunities and generate action to ensure their survival , development, otherwise, many companies will die or will have to seek alliances, merge to continue operating. Given this reality, is a serious commitment of national universities, especially their business schools to restructure its academic programs to make way for a new profile manager that the country needs. You can not leave for tomorrow these changes, because the consequences will be very negative.

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