Renato Dobelin

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To cite an incredulity case, I came across myself with a sad notice, therefore a father (Leobino Dobelin), with pain in the heart and with much indignation, outdoors launched several to remember the anniversary of the death of the son, Renato Dobelin (34 years) in Sumar (SP), therefore after three years still that one in case that he were not refined. In the billboard, it has a photo of the youngster asking to the father if the outlaws had assassinated who it already were in the chain and, in the photo of the father he has a reply in relief form: ‘ ‘ not my son, in this country is more easy here to pass a camel for the deep one of a poor needle of what having justia’ ‘. He is really lamentable. Worse it is to know that thousands of Leobinos exist that are for the country waiting for justice, therefore unscrupulous people take off the life of its children In proliferating of the indignation we can cite others as many situations, beyond the justice lack, it register others, as the abusive collection of taxes. We live in a time where the citizen if to gain a little more than the minimum wage has that to pay for everything. About many moments already I thought about even though releasing to work, therefore great part of what if it earns goes for the public coffers and in good we know of how many shunting line cases. Another situation, in the truth a continuation of what we write, says respect to the abuse of being able and the will of ‘ ‘ ferrar’ ‘ the good citizen.

I do not want to write to complain me of a fine of the operation of carnival of the Road Policy, but the form as the boardings for the policemen are made and the places that they choose are clear and well-known that makes to prosper the machine of the fines, therefore where must fine and would have to be – they are not – who leads most worse is always we them citizens. I do not enter in the merit of the education that is our field, where also we find many situations that discourage. what to say of the public health? The Campaign of the Fraternity that says. Expensive readers at many moments is necessary to have indignation and to desestabilizar the common sense that imagines that everything goes well. But it is not well thus! In this beginning of electoral campaign it distrusts of who presents ready prescription for everything; of who it lives making favors (in one determined moment it will have collection) and also distrusts of who only knows to play the easy role of the opposition, therefore with certainty when it will be situation history will be another one. We go to open the eyes, therefore what we need it is to fix this immense and blessed Brazil.

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