Public Security

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To the one relating in them to the complexity, we are not wanting to say that one is about something that if cannot understand. Thinking complex includes impreciso and uncertainty, without being inexact or uncertain. Its objective is to serve of base to construct to concepts and methodologies, to instrument the thought to articulate to know specialized, supporting reflection and action in the world. Thus, thinking complex does not configure one ‘ ‘ theory acabada’ ‘ , in contrast, a conceptual equipment in elaboration flow (FIEDLER-FERRARA, 2003). Of this form, complexity is meeting, junction of elements that are parts and informing of all. Being all a complex unit, if not reducing the mere addition of the parts and its elements. It goes moreover, because each part possesss its especificidade and in set, in contact ones with the others, they are modified and also they modify all. Complexity is what it does not act from individual and isolated actions, but of these integrated and dependent actions that acquire another form of expression and new appearances.

Therefore, the complex is understood as the search in a way to think with opening and capacity to respect the multidimensionalidade, all facetas and unexpected of the Real. It is also the attention to discern that the determination cultural, social, historical and cerebral if impose the thought all and always co-determine the object of the knowledge. Complexity is the quality capable to consider all the received influences: external interns and, distinguishing them without separating them (MORAES, 2005). The conscience of the incompletude, the constant to come to be and the inexhaustability is preponderant factor for implements of action and the complex thought, an emergent paradigm is possibilitador of convivncia with a reality of difficulties and uncertainties. 2.

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