Political Tsunami

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Bad week chose the leader of the PSPV, Jorge Alarte, to present an emphatic economic program that has gone virtually unnoticed in society. Only 24 hours later it should go fast and running to Madrid to hear from Rodriguez Zapatero that everything has changed, that there is no or a hard and that vaunted social spending and subsidies ended. He had no time to hear the explanations of the lion Machiavelli as shrewd journalist Pepe Garcia Abad called him in his merciless biography because at that same moment the judges of the Supreme Court reabrian the theme of Francisco Camps costumes. A political respite, more than physical and Valencia once again to give firewood to the President of the Generalitat. These two subjects, the cuts and the Gurtel case, have again put upside down the national policy. The first, because it showed that the catalan Professor Santiago Nino was right when he predicted years ago in his lucid and foreboding book the crash of 2010 than to Spain the things may be worse than other countries because of our intensive activities in labour factor, which generate little value added and make us more dependent on the outside and credit.

It is not the only one who thinks so, clear. While only two weeks ago Zapatero said that the crisis has bottomed out, young Duke Juan Rubio-Ramirez American University economics professor claimed that the later Spain start deep reforms tax, labor, pensions that ZP refuses to make our future will be each day more black. With other words and other nuances, recognize this notable Socialists away from power, since Felipe Gonzalez Joaquin Almunia, passing through Joaquin Leguina or Jordi Sevilla. But let’s talk about our community. Here, the Gurtel theme has grabbed media attention, has given oxygen to Jorge Alarte and the only which, paradoxically, seems to have not affected is to Paco Camps, jaleado by their more Allied from Rita Barbera to Juan Cotino in a scenario carefully planned, like everything else, by skillful strategist Rafael Blasco. Despite the deliberate absence of Pitu Ripoll and all the old guard alicantina de Zaplana, thus manifesting the first cracks in the match, the great discussion focused not so much on whether Camps should resign or not, as in the advancement of elections, prerogative of the President according to the current statute. The left has entered into this easy trap: the PSPV, the Compromis, strange amalgam this last of the Bloc of Enric Morera, Els Verds and Monica Oltra initiative.

This time, without the last instrumentalization made of Esquerra Unida and in spite of having gotten to Joan Ribo in their lists, it has all the ballots to stay out of Las Corts. The truth is that the Valencian legislative body nor is that it has shown great vitality, in a week in which his greatest legislative contribution has been the disapproval of the Socialist spokesman, Angel Moon, by a simple metaphor made in parliamentary headquarters! More les would be worth to Our parliamentarians, to justify a few salaries increasingly put into question, analyze the alarming situation of the Valencian economy, consider how will affect you the Ministry of Jose Blanco cuts and see what’s left, if that she is something, the Strategic Plan submitted few days ago by the conseller Mario Flores. But, apparently, the week of the political tsunami has left everyone unpicked and no wheezing.

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