Physics Department Degree

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The country like those of Latin America had bought a nuclear reactor, which was in the process of mounting. The director of the Institute was doctor Marcel Roche, to find the reactor in phase of construction and impossibility of annulment, this became man advice from foreign experts, which recommended closing the same while they prepare people fit and capable of working in the Physics Department. Us mind Star: at this crossroad in the history of the physics of Venezuela, I was accepted only by my credentials, put me a condition which seemed to me extraordinarily favourable, first, I called should get a doctorate in Physics for which employment, it was offering me from the moment of my acceptance, would receive a full scholarship. For not having never lived in Venezuela, but intend to take up residence in Caracas this was an amazing opportunity, further education and have a secured job to reunite with his family. Lucky knocked on my door double way, I met and married Moses Laredo Benzaquen, the man who has been support, force in my life, who always pushed me to go forward without obstacles and father of my four children.

Both devoted those years to finish their training, star in the center of Saclay nuclear studies and Moses who had a degree in agricultural engineering in Monpellier to begin his professional career. He was so dedicated, that after the recommendation to the company in which worked to open a branch in Venezuela, this was approved and both came with work to begin a new stage in Caracas. Laredo star at the time of winning the national prize of science, mention physics in the year 1996 had already published 58 original papers in journals international specialized and refereed and presented 140 works in national and international congresses He has published 16 titles, in the summary of achievements, we can say that he studied physics, degree and postgraduate level, in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Paris and PhD at the Centre d Orsay in France.

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