Permanent Renewal

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Of the French colonialismo leaving its impacts to less than six years of the first one; today the new Constitution underlined many conflicts of palci and the national movement; where the desire of the Party of Independence to have a paper of an only party keeps its shade in formulates of the elaboration of the first constitutional document of the country. In which the country was governed on the basis of in agreement custom and tradioes of an inventory politician. Therefore it was natural that the deceased King Hassan II concentrated more powers in its hands in the Constitution of 1962, source of the power of the real, present Instituo in the memory called the age of Saybah, that it stimulates the revolt or the tribal rebellion against the central authority. This makes look like a legitimate project in virtue of the nature politics of this period, this regimetal form tried in some chances if to protect with walls, especially after the split with the Party of the Independence that if disintegrated of the National Union of the Popular Forces; supporting the institution monarchist, who is, in itself, threatened in its existence. Between 1962 and 2011, the monarchy moved, also the form to see Morocco. The first change came when it became the Sultan King, concentrating to be able them to all in its hands and being governed the State with iron hand.

E another change came with current Constitution that establishes limits to be able them of the king. The deceased King Hassan II delegated its powers when it wants, on the basis of its personal will or certainty politics. But in the new Constitution the delegation being able of them if limited to the power of the law of the state, what more it is not guided by simple ' ' interpretations or certainties any object of the work politician of the State, or in theory, inside of the limits established for the new Constitution.

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