Old Age Takes Politics

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Numerous polls last one of the pharmacies look around it have repeatedly confirmed: more and more people are afraid of aging citizens increasingly in Germany, should actually be pleased on their well-deserved retirement, face this fear. The major concern of each is and remains the same: what happens to me when the money from the statutory pension is not enough to spend my retirement secured? Especially those are tormented by this urgent question that are already older, and to their younger days it was still not common to provide privately on a large scale. Finally, the policy over a long period of time across time and again confirmed that the pension is safe. Also the person is affected, is either very little earns, although he works full time or is always back in between unemployed and has not enough money to provide private, to put the money on the side, or to apply for everyone with the standard of living can, to which he is accustomed, old increasingly, the question of a basic provision in policy discussions on the topic. Whether, and if so, when such a basic protection in the form of a unit of pension will be actually possible, is still in the stars. The representatives of each party can simply not agree be heard about the basic status and how high they should be. The only thing you can currently advise the younger generation is already now to think about their age and accordingly individual actions. Because one thing is certain: the statutory pension scheme will in the near future no longer suffice, to be supplied in the age. Add private efforts must come about the completion of a State-funded pension insurance or also the occupational and private pensions.

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