No Margin For Error

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Today it is impossible to surround our city without cars, buses, trolleybuses and trams. The vehicle is not only the ability to quickly comfortably reach your destination, but also a source increased risk. The driver is different from a pedestrian in the first place the presence of special training he received in a driving school – this is a theoretical rate of traffic rules and practical driving course. He is the best prepared of road users, because the knowledge gained in a driving school, the motorist into practice every day. Each driver is simply obliged to clarify for themselves what, sitting in the front seat and turning the key in the ignition of his car, it automatically becomes responsible not only for their lives, but for the life of the surrounding pedestrians, passengers and other road users. And although only 18 Areas of St. Petersburg has more than 5 million registered vehicles, and this means increasing the number of people who know the sda.

Unfortunately, there are also such as pedestrians, who feel that they can easily enough of such knowledge as to what section of the carriageway must be properly cross the street, as well as on a traffic signal is permitted. And not everyone understands why the transition road at the intersection on a green traffic light drivers turning right, go to their traffic signal, while giving way. Ignorance of the rules of the road in its entirety is the prerogative of pedestrians, the driver is the exact observance and implementation of them in full – the need to relentlessly. Drivers often forget about it, make risky maneuvers, exceeds set speed, violate the rules of roundabouts, sit behind the wheel in a position to intoxication or fatigue, forget or deliberately does not include illuminated signs of rotation. Such reckless actions lead to road tragedies which affected pedestrians, drivers and passengers. It seems that not everyone wants aware that traffic rules are written in blood.

Unfortunately, this rough metaphor no more than a statement of the statistics of people killed on the roads of our country. For 2009 on the roads of Russia took place about 85 thousands of road accidents, which killed 10,277 people, the number of wounded has exceeded 106 thousand people. Yet another road accident in Krasnodar Territory continued its string of car accidents in our country was faced with the bus 08/07/2009 truck: one person killed, 29 injured. Major accidents are continuing, and usually cause human factor. Passengers entering the cabin bus, tram, trolley or other route vehicle trust their lives and safety of the driver, they rely entirely on the skill and professionalism. Choosing a profession or a driver, you take and the responsibility for passengers. Can you, the drivers public of the vehicle, not to justify the confidence of passengers? The answer is only one: no! You have no moral right to make a mistake that could cost the lives of dozens of people. Just as there is no such law for those who decided a ride in his car friends or acquaintances. Do not think about the safety of those you trust is inexcusable. Inserting the key in the ignition Think again and again whether to break rules and risk their lives and the lives associates and relatives? Ivanov av Propaganda department of the Primorsky district traffic police.

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