Nature Reserves

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Most of the reserves and national parks got under the jurisdiction of the mep. The cause of the crash of the Mi-8 in the Altai became illegal hunting goats from the air. By the end of the xxi century, half of the population will starve. Using search engine was harmful to the environment. Environmentalists blamed for electronics manufacturers to inattention to the environment. Microorganisms on Earth are capable of producing rain, and automobile exhaust – lightning. Its 'police service' is present in each colony of ants.

Scientists have disproved the ability of plants to emit greenhouse gases. In the ocean again formed climatic phenomenon La Nina. Overview of events for the week of 29/12/2009 to 18/01/2009. Most nature reserves and national parks has passed under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Natural Resources last week it became known that the majority of protected areas (PAs) federal got under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation Ministry of Natural Resources. On the last day last year the Russian government handed over to the Ministry of Natural Resources 96 state nature reserves, 40 national parks and 11 state nature reserves from the jurisdiction of federal and 56 state wildlife refuges from the federal Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. , which reports a higher mep, PAs have been transferred in 2004, but in late December, the Russian government returned them to to the Ministry. According to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Yuri Trutnev 'transfer of protected areas under the jurisdiction of the mep is an important step in the consolidation of functions in the sphere of ecology in a Office '.

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