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The constructions, the clothes, the packings, the furniture, the foods, the water, and thus all the remaining portion. If, of a side the consumption process is irreversible and quick, for another one, it is easy to deduce the impact that all this garbage has in the environment, translated the caused irreversible damages to the nature for the extreme raw material extration and the water consumption and energy for the production of the goods that we consume. Without speaking in the pollution that generates in after-I consume. Then we have a serious and dangerous exaggeration. Therefore insistently we hear to say in disequilibrium and support. It does not advance more speech only in selective collection and descontroladamente to generate garbage. Already it gave pra to perceive that it is a palliative e, without a doubt, is better of what not making nothing.

But the basic one would be to think about reducing the volume of generated garbage, diminishing wastefulness mainly, reusing everything that will be possible and finally to recycle. We are speaking of 3Rs: To reduce, To reuse and To recycle, that pra me starts with one another one ' ' R' ' important, To refuse. Perhaps simplest, it is enough to say not obliged when to want to pack something that you purchase and already come packed. In the bakery, the pharmacy, the market, the store I know that it is difficult to modify a habit of a culture, that values more the packing of what the product, but also we must know that we pay very expensive therefore, and pra that? Pra to arrive in house and to play in the garbage: the cardboard box, the plastic bag, the bag of paper. that together with of the neighbor, the other and the other and it goes turning a mountain garbage.

In contrast of what the sense imagines common, the small changes in the routine make great difference in the general context, and these changes could start for the schools. Clearly that some praiseworthy initiatives have that to be recognized, but still is little. Self also has the initiative of the restaurants with system service, that changed the habit of the consumers and reduced wastefulness. Many companies had adopted politics of reaproveitamento of material, as for example, of the civil construction. But in the houses and apartments, the public sectors and the individual actions still we see very little initiative. We need awareness and mobilization for the exercise of ours so said citizenship. If the change is necessary, it will only give itself through a sensible and organized society and of governments that prioritize sustainable public politics ambiently. For information: It is in quarrel a Project of Law to define one National Politics of Solid residues, that intend prescribed the systems of treatment of all the generated residues and also to assign social responsibilities of after-I consume Brazil is immense and its very heterogeneous cities, as so distinct problems and solutions could be conciliated, not yet is known. It is at this moment that we go to still more lament the sparing investment in ambient education, not after all dumb the reality for decree, for better and more argued than either the question. What valley is that we can promote changes in the society, in each one, we do not only depend on the governments. Each individual can make the great difference. you, what it has made with its garbage?

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