Modern Express Mail

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Indispensable attribute of every civilized nation – mail and postage, courier service. As the postal service can be judged on the situation in the country in general, and the degree of public trust in government mail – the degree of confidence in the public system as a whole. Mail to Russia, to put it mildly, there is still something to work. State Express mail is necessary, as we assume the central bank, the state education system or health. Nowhere and private postal organizations can not fully substitute for gospochtu. Although the causes of such courier delivery services of mail and parcels are different.

In foreign countries, in the same U.S. Postal Service usps national criticism, and very often – for the slowness and sluggishness, with the bureaucracy. But there, in a situation where mail was lost and never reached its destination – it’s the worst nightmare any postman. Ordinary citizens is even does not occur. Enterprising Yankees and really amazing – an alternative express mail for quick delivery of correspondence was first proposed 150 years ago she usps, of course, for some extra charge.

Even the special stamps were issued for such express mail. Today the usps competes in express mail with private couriers. Few people think about this question – what is the basis as the rapid development of internet industry and commerce in the U.S Why are Americans so willing to spend billions of dollars, making purchases in online stores, and Russian still does not trust them? That is just the thing is that most online store, and Russian can trust, but he does not trust the Russian Post, which delivered the press to 100% can not provide. We have the emergence of express mail has been associated specifically with the crisis of confidence in the Russian Post citizens simply did not dare to entrust the postmen important correspondence on which much depended on in their life, or financial documents. Until now, many people prefer to send important messages, especially over long distances, convenient opportunity. Conductor distance trains personalized with him you can always ask for lost parcels, but how many of you have seen a postman? If by mail delivery business depends on many tens of thousands dollars, many people simply do not dare to entrust it into the hands of the postman, working for $ 250 a month.

Enterprising people have created a number of private postal services, various express mail and courier delivery. In Russia, such than a dozen. However, there is a state express mail – ems Russian Post. If you go to their site and on sites “privateers”, read, what catches the eye one more thing: private postal services the main focus of their advertising appeals made to the efficiency and speed of delivery of correspondence. In this they differ little from the western private postal organizations, there often we are talking about a few hours, and write: “Our courier will be at the door destination at 8.00 am, and the competition for lunch. Because we’re the best! “The site ems Russian Post “a few pages devoted to the description of safety guarantees correspondence that state postal service of Russia provides senders and recipients. ems Russian Post has developed a system for tracking postal items, even a special e-mail IDs exist. I think, until the leadership of the Russian Post will not understand that preservation of correspondence – a perfectly normal and accepted the conditions of any postal service (and why else would they need at all?), competition from private delivery will only widen.

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