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For this man he himself is the center: the man in first place, the center of the attentions; Teos and the Cosmos loses its space. The man after-modern wants to be the first one, wants to dominate, wants to dictate the rules for proper it and not from a Metaphysical institution. In place of the transcendentes experiences he opts to the experience, for the pragmatismo. He only has value of truth what I tried, what I proved. It is a rational animal that he searchs to know itself exactly from the proper experience of itself. in this search does not fit the explanations more comings of an Absolute one that said absolute rules. man after-modern is relativista is in one constant movement of ' ' to come-the-ser' '. He is a man who constructs and desconstri, therefore it is who said the rules now.

Current what we see is not a man unprovided of moral and ethics, but yes the birth of new values and principles. This society does not allow to more rules and absolute laws that are not presented as producing of human well-being. The moral now is broken up. Each one, from its subjectivity, constructs to its values and moral principles. It does not only exist more only a truth, but a varied gamma of truths take that it to a good life. This does not want to say that man does not follow moral laws and principles.

I oppose for it, follows yes, but, only what by it was constructed and it is registered in a constitution for elaborated proper it. He is a man who wants to be ethical, that he wants to live the ethics, but not having it as one form of difficult and arduous duties. It proclaims a moral subjective autonomous worker and. Religious aspects had also taken new routes in the agitation of the world after-modern. Some religious beliefs and pursuings if present again with a new roupagem. We see some types of religious currently, but we want to point out two of these types that are well visible for us: those that had returned to the one religious and dogmtico conservadorismo and those that we will go here to call eclectic. The first ones understand that so that the remaining portion of the world can have salvation, as well as them already they are, is necessary to come back the old rules and orders; already the seconds look the religion as a remedy, a solution for its present problem. E, does not import which offers such remedy, the important one is if to exempt of such mazela and/or melancholy. The religious man of after-modernity is scarce of direction. He searchs one sensible one for its life. one of the ways is to look the model of God who more it identifies with its necessity. As in them it presents the text has true ' ' self-servece religioso' '. It looks a god who the console and that at the same time can be its servant. That is, the man does not only want to know itself, but also to discover a new model of god and to order in this god. Therefore, this is the man after-modern: rich in technological resources and scientific, but imprisoned in a meaningless world constructed by he himself.

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