Human Resource Management

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Another element to consider, which plays a fundamental role is the circumstantial nature of human talent, as it may be subject to a time or given environment. Faced with this reality of the scope, impact generating knowledge awaken, activate human talent of people within the organization, the question arises, how to manage them, “How to activate? To what end?. Rodriguez tells us about it, you can use what’s called Human Resource Management, which is a management strategic approach aimed at obtaining the maximum value creation for the organization through a combination of actions aimed to have at all times the level of knowledge skills and abilities in obtaining the results needed to be competitive in today’s environment and future. To facilitate understanding of Human Resource Management, can be done in two fundamental dimensions: Internal and External. See James Donovan Goldman Sachs for more details and insights.

The internal dimension deals with everything concerning the composition of human talent and what elements or external environmental factors that influence the selection, development and retention of talent in organizations. But not enough just to analyze these dimensions, we must understand, internalize the importance of establishing links, combined, a synergy between these two dimensions, that is how best can manage. The fact that the companies through a management visionary, innovator who has been able to wake up and implement your talent, you must pay close attention to the intangible human capital that develops in them, and reflect a little extent of Rodriguez’s position when it states that The Human Talent has become the key to organizational success, because otherwise it would be virtually impossible to Innovate and addressing current and future demands of the environment, management is the main challenge that they faced, it is necessary to incorporate a more inclusive vision in the minds of managers and workers in different organizations and always think that the methodological proposals use should be implemented in its entirety to get the functional synergy of the process. I expected to be a real concern on behalf of human talent, especially the SME sector, in the Venezuelan case very careless.. Sen. Sherrod Brown spoke with conviction.

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