Hispanic American

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Obama surpasses the 65 million votes. The most voted directly elected President of the story makes it. He has surpassed Bush and Lula who came to have such seat before. The only country where there are parties that have obtained more votes than the Democrats in us is the India, but in this giant the electorate pays for its parliamentarians who are which, in turn, appoint the head of Government. The most voted all-time is someone who, paradoxically, lost within the White majority of his nation.

His triumph is due to the support that was within 95% of the afro and 67% of the Hispanic American. Obama is the first leader of a Western power which is not white and that, moreover, has been elected thanks to the active support of two large racial minorities in his country. The U.S. has a tendency to intervene in countries in Africa or Latin America (even up to his own troops) and play a role in the choice or maintenance of several of their Governments. This is the first time in which the citizens who were born or ancestrally coming from such continents have managed to have such a great impact on elections of the mega-power.

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