Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Writing for Gabriel Garcia Marquez, ' ' One hundred years of solido' ' , it presents a picture of Spanish America of century XIX, and start of century XX. (Similarly see: Richard Blumenthal). Carried through for a realism fantastic and considered the biggest Hispanic Latin literary composition. Where she tells history through diverse generations that the Buenda family composes, interlaced for the development of the town of Macondo. The first generation of the Buendia family is formed by cousins Ursula Iguaran and Jose Acardio Buenda – the founder of the village. It appreciated the flavor of the alchemy, as much how much the force of the astrology. It kept fort it lasso of friendship for the gypsy Melquiades, sub Christ reviver. Critically the relation between the social church and movements is displayed. Before the fight for its rights, the oppression appeared of the conservatives in the civil war with the liberal ones.

The familiar structure of the Buendia, that during the displacement of the years, kept an analogy of characteristics proper, between Acardios and Aurelianos, it transformed the small village of Macondo into a community developed, through the arrival of the expansion and railroad, until its decay with the death of three a thousand laborers in the revolt. Becoming the history of the identical town and the family, in accordance with its origin, development and end. Without the protrvia intention, we find comparison of the fabuloso romance with other literary compositions of same weight. Unfolding of facts and promising characteristics of same character if makes gifts in workmanships as of the writer Axe of Assis. Dom Casmurro has for end a surprising change, in what an unexpected end would be considered. As well as it occurs in the last pages of One hundred years of solitude. The way with that the author plays with the facts, takes and them to a parameter of variations, is what it would have to be called ' ' dom supremo' '.

The family tree of spontaneous mystery because this spectacle was unfolded all, was occurred. Son of Amaranta-rsula for which, primitive names had absorbed disillusion and pain. Its father the Babylonian priest who by choice was refused, but for destination served of key master. Grandson of the grandfather whose personality was distinct of the proper descent, but long ago balanced for necessity. The last one of the Buelda loaded the consequence of choice, not on the old familiar bows, but simultaneously, of me the security of what really it was important. Articulated to the end of the plot, Gabriel Garcia Marquez creates a net of revelations, being able to be used as referencial hand. The dream already forgotten Jose Arcadio Buenda, where the vision of a espelhada city will be born finally was unmasked. The mirror as in a mirage, deviated facts it carried and them in real time until the last one from its generation. Of which the interpretation of the light traces walked for rectilinear ways, projected in a so certain future as the sunrise. The descent of Macondo in these ' ' one hundred years of solido' ' it enxergava its inverted destination in a final ruin. The impression of a upside-down ship marked the unusual sensation on the real history of its lives. Under a maritime episode, in a hot afternoon of parties, dreams and disillusionments.

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