European Parliament

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In particular, the three deputies of Ukraine – Rinat Akhmetov, K. and A. Zhevago Verevskiy were included in the list of richest people in the world by business publication Forbes. Their states are, respectively, 16, 2.4 and 1.1 billion dollars in the situation where a number of social and economic indicators of Ukraine is perhaps the worst in Europe, its elected officials show little desire to follow the example of the European Parliament, which in 2010 decided to freeze their spending in solidarity with the victims of the economic crisis, the population of Europe. However, a rich benefactor in the status of the European Union did not last long – in March this year the European Parliament again increased costs of the parliamentarians of his assistants at the rate of 17.8 thousand euros for each deputy. This step, in turn, has provoked protests from ordinary Europeans. I wonder how long is not rich Ukrainians will humbly agree to pay the whim of their members? Commentary Fund "People First": The list of the richest people on the planet by Forbes magazine includes three Ukrainian member of parliament, the aggregate state is estimated at 19.5 billion dollars when it was difficult not to notice that one of them almost did not appear at the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada during the entire period of the last convocation of the parliament. In this connection there logical questions. First, why such wealthy people pay the deputy? And, secondly, to work out whether this pay their activities in the status of parliamentarians? In Soviet times, the concept of 'price' and 'value' often confused.

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