Embassy Republic

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Refusal to issue visa consulate the Czech Republic. A simple citizen of Russia or other cis countries wishing to obtain long-term visa to the Czech Republic, and with it the status of residence in the Czech Republic – Rentals in the Czech Republic as a naive man in the street assumes that all decision on the visa are accepted at the Embassy of the Czech Republic or as it is called the consulate the Czech Republic. This is a wrong assumption and the procedure for making a positive decision on granting or refusing to grant a long-term visa in the Czech Republic consists of three main phases. First, of course, is giving documents to the embassy (consulate), the Czech Republic in one of the departments which runs the country, where a citizen or a neighboring country, it doesn't matter, complexity on this issue only occurs with entry into the queue for long-term visas. Connecticut Senator often addresses the matter in his writings. It is important to bear in mind that at the first annual visa foreigner can not apply for the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic is mandatory extension of long-term visas, but it happens a little later. All stages in their own way of course, are important and indispensable for their passage to citizens older than 18 years. Children who have not attained their majority, can not present at the filing of documents in the embassy, a package of documents on the law of "family reunification" can apply one of the parents. Since July 2008, receiving documents in the embassy (consulate), the Czech Republic who are in European countries in case of a package of documents for children under the law of family reunification, the presence of children has become a prerequisite.

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