Design, Control and Sales

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Thus, Renault was in charge of designing the product, Nissan offers the AWD system and engineering, while Renault Samsung Motors – 80.1% owned subsidiary of Renault, is in charge of manufacturing. This model shares a platform and mechanical components with the Nissan X-trail, while its compact dimensions are slightly higher compared to those of models with which to compete. It measures 4.52 meters long, 1.85 wide, which promises great handling and comfort inside and outside the asphalt modified chassis thanks to its elevated and protected and bodywork. Its rounded and stylized, with high contrast details, such as its sturdy grill, bumpers, enclosures and colorful design of the rear window and the skulls, he printed a very engaging and dynamic personality. Interior comfortable and well equipped interior is designed to comfortably accommodate five adult passengers, who disposition a plenty of room for your legs.

The ergonomics are impeccable, and all the controls and information are to the eye and hand of the driver so you can operate them easily, and that the high driving position allows complete control of the road. The feeling of spaciousness is topped by the sharp fall in the deep windscreen and dashboard. The finishes and materials are soft to the touch, high quality, which coupled with its extensive standard equipment to handle more pleasant and safe stay of the occupants. The only bad thing I found is its soundproofing, because the require the time of engine acceleration maneuvers or exceed the noise is obvious, while some interior parts accuse certain vibraphones.

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