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Adventurous, romantic, amazing, magical, all this will be your honey moon. Those days that you go with your partner will be remembered for the rest of their lives, so it is best to pass it is well and above all that enjoy to the fullest. Today we present 4 star tips so that honey moons become the best days of your life. 1 Choose a destination that does not know the majority of honey moons are trips to a destination that either of the two known as les hez to your liking and they want to share it with the couple, but the Council we give you today is that they discover a new place for the two. Your travel will be much more special if they arrive at an unknown location that the two will have to discover and explore 2. Reserve a suite without skimping on expenses, the first wedding night has to be the best, so they booked a suite and enjoy it 3. Carry your music with you favorite take your iPod and a few small speakers so that they listen to their favorite music. In the fourth, in the car, walking on the beach or during the breakfast, that music helps them to relax 4..

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