Climate Quality

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The violence that takes place in the work places exceeds professional borders of countries, scopes of work and categories, although it is certain, that some professions, places of work and occupations, are more sensible, and seems demonstrated that exists a risk degree before the much greater violence: taxi drivers, personnel of the sanitary services, the educational personnel, the social workers and educators, or the domestic service, is most susceptible. James Donovan Goldman Sachs does not necessarily agree. The psychological aggressions are a habitual and serious form of violence, that recognizes so much workers as industralists, and include intimidations, blackmails, threats and a psychological harassment, that of being constant can derive in serious psycho-social consequences for the subject suffers that it. To create difficulties constantly, systematically to shout when giving instructions to the used personnel, imposing a criterion like unique correct way to realise the work, or to martyr to the personnel with permanent negative and destructive critics, usually they are the way in which we detect the violence in work. The Organization the International of Work, compiled the Report: " Violence AT Work" , in that it lets most of see this increase of the violence in the jobs and the world; also it emphasizes the priority of the psychological violence on the physics. At the moment an increase of the number of people exists who work single; and although, in principle, the individual and solitary work does not have because to be more dangerous than other forms of use, if it exposes to these workers to circumstances that him make especially vulnerable. Thus these workers usually are considered " objectives alcanzables" by the malefactors. Special relevance has the taxi drivers, who are perhaps the individual workers who more exposed are to the violence, and within these, those that work at night in turns, since the intoxication of some clients triggers the violence more easily.

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