Chest Method

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It also pointed out, that would imply a zero cost to the Government of Andalusia, reporting that officials Method Instructors Chest, coordinated by Jaime Parejo, gathered at the School of Andalusia Public Security, the current Coordinator of Fire and Police Training, and expressed, like the previous Coordinator, who would give up documentary to the perception of economic rewards as teachers and that the masses of debris needed for practices and There are, without assuming any financial cost to the institution. Chest The method has been developed by Jaime Parejo, as effective means of rescue for humanity, and not at all as a means of profit. Result can be guaranteed at all yet, in most cases, an adequate operational level and results of such specialized equipment, interventions in cases of accidents, to search for and locate people buried alive. Below are five sources of fundamental reasons, that support and argue with full strength and in all aspects, the high level of importance and urgent operational need, whether public, inherent to the Government Councillor for approval when deemed appropriate, as soon as possible, by order or decree, THE METHOD CHEST AS THE OFFICIAL SYSTEM FOR UNITS IN ANDALUSIA RESCUE DOGS, approval has already been made by the Parliament of Andalusia by PnL: 1) Specific Claims and origin of Chest Method in the autonomous community of Andalusia in October 1994, after twelve years of intense and arduous research and scientific development, Jaime Parejo, culminating the creation of a method for training and intervention rescue dog teams in disasters, for the detection and rescue of survivors buried in landslides from any cause (earthquakes, explosions, landslides, hurricanes, avalanches, tornadoes …), which manages to be particularly effective in both outdoor adverse search operations and in confined spaces (with zero visibility and minimum dimensions for travel).

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