Characteristics Law

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The defense of Pablo on the doctrine of the justification for the faith, without the workmanships of the law. 1) When showing the foolishness of the Christian Jews that abandoned its new faith and its light, and returned to the old legalism, 2:15 – 21. 2) When appealing the previous experiences spirituals of the glatas, 3:1 – 5. 3) When showing that Abrao was justified by the faith, 3:6 – 9. 4) When showing that the law, beyond not having to be able of redemption, brought curse to the disobedient person, of which Christ redeemed the believers, 3:10 – 14.

5) When proving that the law did not cancel the pact of the salvation for the faith, 3:15 – 18. 6) When indicating that the law, as a guide, had the intention to lead the Christ, 3:19 – 25. 7) When showing the damages of that they renounce its faith in Christ and come back to the legalism. The warnings, instructions, and final exhortations of Pablo. 1) Warnings concerning the false masters, and the evil use of the freedom, 5:7 – 13.

2) Exhortations concerning the life spiritual. 3) Characteristics of the life spiritual. 4) Contrast enters the doctrine of the false masters and of Pablo. First if the glory in ceremonial rites law in the book of Glatas includes in its sphere the moral law and the ceremonial law; in fact, the ceremonial law would have been insignificant without the moral law, but the moral law the Decalogue remains all with vigor (TM. 5:17 – 18). of the Decalogue without integrating its spirit (CF.Mt has a danger contemporary Christian it to attempt against for letter. 18:16 – 22; Gl. 5:17 – 22) as it had in the days of Pablo, participating of the sacrifical system without attempting against that its symbols pointed with respect to Christ. at any time, where the Christians fall in the error to try to save it itself exactly for its efforts to keep the Decalogue, is moved away from the favour and becomes embarrassed in yoke of the servitude justified to its eyes by means of the faith in Christ. I am convinced that this is the true and pure Evangelho of the favour of Christ, which does not have another one. >.

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