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The lack of sleep, cry, stay long time in front of the computer and other things of our behavior, do that with age our skin pass us the account: have dark circles; a few bags quite annoying that appear under our eyes, a point of great attention and nothing nice for our own ego. Where they exit? Although we can not rule out the genetic part which plays an important role like allergies such as asthma, pigmentation or visible veins, we can say that dark circles are caused by the accumulation of waste substances, and a deficiency in the circulation in the area of the eyelids. Combat them? It is not so easy, why we went to Grandma’s advice and we bring to you these recommendations, so that dark circles keep us attentive sleep! Change habits. In nutrition: reduce salt consumption since lower eyelids are the site where most noticeable when there is a significant retention. Sleep seven to eight hours all the nights. In the pantry the solution! Apply a few sterilized cold compresses when getting up. Improves circulation and refined the eyelids.

If he stands up with puffy eyes, embeba a cotton in Chamomile and place it on your eyes for ten minutes to relieve congestion. Boil a bunch of fresh parsley over a quarter of an hour, let it cool and with a cotton ball apply it for another fifteen minutes. With this home trick you will look perfectly in minutes. Apply any specific substance that stimulates the circulation over the eyelids: can be any cream with caffeine or with another vasodilator agent last recipe (to eliminate dark circles caused by tiredness) ingredients: cucumber, lemon, and two eggs. Preparation squeeze the cucumber and lemon, then save the pulp separately in the refrigerator. Then, already cold, mix them. Add two egg whites. All Bata and apply for fifteen minutes in the undereye area.

Remove with cold water. Solutions there are many! So the next time that you are facing with these annoying eyecups, don’t ask for help, take the necessary measures and look very good. Remember that health and beauty are an add-on that requires attention.

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