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EDE engineers entering the Association of energy efficiency has a clear value of reinforcement of the work that this company is carrying out in recent years in this area, where it has a long history dating back to its origins.The Association already comprises almost thirty companies from most of autonomous communities. It is a forum especially attractive for EDE engineers since it assumed a figure that represents the entire sector of energy efficiency and to help its growth by leveraging the synergies between partners, the promotion of coordination and representation of the interests of the sector in a comprehensive manner.The Association was founded precisely in an environment of economic crisis, foreign energy dependence, serious environmental problems and loss of competitiveness of enterprises. In this context, the A3E bet for a new economic model in which the energy in the form of growth efficiency is taken into account.A3E, presided by Francisco Fernandez Guillen, has formalizing three working groups good practices, regulations and international area, where Ede engineers participates – in its last general Assembly and presenting the regional delegates of the zona norte, Northeast, Center, South, Catalonia and Levante. The strategic objectives for the period 2009-2010, among them include energy efficiency in the new regulations, encourage the use of the energy audit as an essential tool to achieve energy savings in companies and institutions, basing the new energy model in savings and boost energy efficiency in procurement processes and the quality criteria for the public administrations have also outlined.Expand Colaboracionjunto with peaks and Factor CO2, Ede engineers companies also has begun to participate as a partner in the new firm Factor CO2 Ennova, specializing in issues related to energy efficiency.In addition, it involves expansion of collaboration with the other two partners of the company, peaks and Factor CO2, two firms that EDE engineers is linked by close ties and common goals. So much so that along with the Dinam form the CMAE group, a strategic alliance to serve key in hand in the areas of environment, emissions, usually, consulting, engineering and facilities.Factor CO2 Ennova market offers its services as consultancy specializing in broadcasting rights in those projects that also carry associated significant engineering work. EDE engineers Enterprise S.AParque Inbisapoligono Aurrera M8Edificio C Office 2.1 and 2.248510 Trapaga (Bizkaia) 94 472 41 T.

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