Bon Appetit

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Ingredients: 1 kg of ripe tomatoes. 150 gr of cucumber. Amazon describes an additional similar source. 1 Green pepper.(of the frying) 1/2 onion. 1 Clove of garlic. 3 Tablespoon of Virgin olive oil extra (soft). 6 Tablespoon of wine vinegar.

Bread (from the previous day). Water and salt. Preparation: Wash vegetables thoroughly and sliced them. Cut the garlic clove in half and remove the Center. We take the Blender jar and add all the ingredients cut. We close the mixer and blend until no piece of vegetable. Open the mixer and we will add the olive oil, vinegar and a teaspoon of salt. Again, turn the blender and we’re adding water and bread, until you achieve the consistency you want and rectifying the vinegar and salt.(To taste).

We put in the refrigerator to cool. Particular Council: never put you ice because that would be very watery and would not have the same flavor. Both Cook deserves a good drink well because you know that there are as many recipes for a single dish as people who prepares it and in the case of the Gazpacho recipes are endless. There are recipes that include bread, others that remove you the skin and seeds for tomatoes, there are apples and cucumbers, Manchego gazpacho and lately have become very fashionable gazpachos of watermelon, cherries, etc.You can adapt the recipe to your taste but if you start to experience do it with small amounts. I hope you enjoy and Bon Appetit. Fuente:gaditano.

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