Badalona Forms City Council

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Xavier Garci’a Albiol ends 32 years of municipal governments of lefts, being the first great city governed by the PP. Ciu assumed the mayorships of 30 Catalan capitals of region. More of a hundred of ' indignados' there are concentrate in front of the City council to express its protest noisily. Badalona, the third large city of Catalonia by number of inhabitants, has capitalized east Saturday the attention of the constitution of the Catalan city councils to the salary made with the mayorship the candidate of the PPC, Xavier Garci’a Albiol, who has ended in addition 32 years to municipal governments of lefts in this city. The City councils of Barcelona and Girona have not been able to constitute east Saturday and will be necessary to hope for it until the 1 of next July, due to the resources against the scrutinies that have presented/displayed the PP, in first, and ERC, in the second. Badalona has become the first great Catalan city governed by the PP, that has also taken control of the mayorship of another city of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, Castelldls, where Manuel Kings has been proclaimed mayor thanks to the abstention from CiU.

CiU has been the political force that has assumed the mayorships of the great majority of the Catalan capitals of region, with a total of 30 (16 more than in the previous municipal legislature), by seven of the PSC (12 less), 3 of ERC (3 less) and one than obtains ICV-EUiA. Tension in the investiture of Albiol In Badalona, the investiture of Garci’a Albiol does not have been free of tension and more of a hundred of ' indignados' there are concentrate in front of the City council to express its protest noisily. Albiol, that campaigned very hard against the immigration in which it distributed pamphlets that supposedly tied the delinquency with the Rumanian gypsys, has returned to say that it did not know if in Badalona had " more or less insecurity problems that in others municipios" , but there is underlining that this him " it concerns poco" and what sees that passes " in some zonas" of the city it does not like. In this sense, there is addition: " In Badalona there is to be welcome that one that comes to work, but our message it has to indicate, of clear and clear form, lmites". Belt ' rojo' around Barcelona In the industrial belt of Barcelona, the PSC has revalidated the mayorships in cities like L' Hospitalet de Llobregat, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Sabadell, Granollers or Rub. In Tarragona, the Socialist Josep Flix Crossbowmen has been invested mayor by second consecutive mandate, with the votes in favor of the 12 ediles obtained by the PSC in the municipal elections of the 22 of May. In Lleida, as it were predicted, ngel Ros (PSC) has been reelected mayor by absolute majority in the first voting. Source of the news: Badalona forms City council while Barcelona and Girona will have to hope to the 1 of July

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