Alone Trade Unions

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Jose Maria Maravall (Madrid, 1942) was the Socialist Minister of education between 1982 and 1988. Under its mandate was extended de facto compulsory education until the age of 14 and the baccalaureate and the FP were free. Regulated public subsidies to private centres (concerts), he organized the compensatory education and care to children with special educational needs. Now view with concern the attacks to public school by the right and the difficult role in which trade unions are. He believes that politicians, left, understood, not are supporting them enough.

And challenges to young people: they have every reason and the right to be outraged, but they cannot say that the PSOE and PP are the same, in education it is clear. If you don’t believe in promises, well, but that throw back. And see what they have done a few and what they are doing, he says, in reference to the Government of Esperanza Aguirre, above all. Source of the news:: “Parties cannot alone trade unions”

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