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According to survey almost one third of the workers responded to bullying with a retreat from the problems. Almost a third of the workers in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland respond to bullying in your workplace with a retreat from the problems. This resulted in a survey about the preferred response alternatives among 693 participants on the Internet portal for employer reviews in August until October 2012. Therefore 13% of respondents would be ill write, if they were victims of bullying in their operation. Another 6% would ask for a transfer to another Department and leave the field as their tormentors. Add 13% of survey participants, which would completely give up and quit their job come once again.

This is 32% of the workforce are collectively. These numbers gives explosiveness, that the topic of bullying is already very common in German companies. According to a survey on Jobvoting from the year 2008, about three quarters of German workers has ever direct or indirect experiences Bullying in the workplace made. Just 8% show of those who decided for themselves to ignore the bullying and the bully that bullying can pass just left its mark on a people. Much pro-active 60% of workers to handle a total topic. You decide against the bullying to be active.

To speech, about 15% of respondents want to make her “tormentor” so to keep off, continue to weigh on the working environment in this way. Most of the answers answers fell 25% on the opportunity properly to give against the bullies. Thus not a sensible conversation would be searched so to find a common consensus, but the person concerned gives you air, could further fuel partly as a result of the conflict. Lastly, there are still those workers, seeking support from elsewhere. With 12% of the managers or with 8% of the Works Council, if there is actually such workers representation in the company, either.

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