Work Worker

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What the? protection of labour which receives State?, work as a basis of social welfare and means of the realization of the person is a human right which is recognized by article 22 of our Magna Carta, and as such it is up to the State guarantee in full force, in addition to this, the Constitution in its article 27, formulates a specific mandate to the legislature, so that, through the law, provide the worker adequate protection against arbitrary dismissal. Conclusions for the labour law not all activity involving physical or mental exertion can be considered within the scope of regulation, but must meet ing certain characteristics, such as being personal, productive, paid employment, free and independent our Constitution regulates the right of work, by which no employment relationship may limit the exercise of constitutional rights or diminish or ignore the dignity of the bibliography Gazette legal worker. Causes and effects of the extinction of the contract Work guide labour Luis Vinatea Recoba original author and source of the article..

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