BRAC at the Oceana Naval Air Station

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Oceana Naval Air Station for the first time is included in the federal government’s Base Realignment and Closure evaluations. The BRAC Commission’s review of military installation recommendations resulted in new rules for land use surrounding both Oceana and nearby Fentress Air Field. The BRAC order detailed directions to the City of Virginia Beach to implement new rules to halt development in certain areas around NAS Oceana, known as Accident Potential Zone 1 (or APZ-1), that the Navy has deemed to be incompatible with flight operations.

Virginia Beach is committed to keeping Oceana and preserving the quality of life for all residents in the city. Part of the Navy family for nearly 60 years, the city has always served in partnership with the Navy.

In true democratic fashion, the city’s leadership and citizens together reached an agreement regarding land use around the base.

Democracy Dressed

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Dressed democracy Teodulo Lopez Melendez for talk of dresses will surely go to the Greeks, but specifying that such travel must be made only when referring one to the dresses of democracy. Dresses may be fashionable or demode because, at the end and Cape, the fashionable word got us to French Spanish mode, and this in turn from the latin modus, only that the treacherous language can tell us that fashion is a regulatory mechanism of elections. The rest put dresses to Mrs democracy – were commissioned the so-called ideologies which, even today, manufactured adjectives in series without accepting that they are fashion passes. To pay honor to the origin of the word fashion there is no citing Ives Saint Laurent: over the years I’ve learned that the important thing in a dress is the woman who wears it. There was no quorum, there was no way to take decisions, it was necessary to resort to economic incentives so that citizens blossom. Democracy is in crisis, they exclaimed the more concerned.

This first dispossession of the fashion was there in Athens and who denounced it was nothing less than Aristotle. To decrease the concerns, Aristophanes wrote the Assembly of women where, unceremoniously looks the sensitive issue with eyes of satire. Indeed, Blepiro, Assemblyman, suffers from constipation and has to devote himself to solve it, what makes some live to take advantage of so arduous effort to exercise democracy with other dress. The political act is an act of mobilization of foreign wills with enough efficiency to make affected the packaging, that is, what is fashionable. The philosopher Saint Laurent, the Rationalist way of French thinking, as I quote him, however discovered that the important thing is the woman and not the dress. It is essential to resort to the cynical school when democracy puts the same dress of the dictatorship, without even realising it has are two very different women.

Human Development

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Our cities are characterized by welcoming people of different origins. Some come in search of new opportunities for work or study or follow in the footsteps of relatives who preceded him. A sense of belonging and not others. Some are happy and others seek the first opportunity to return. Some people already feel as if they were natives and others who are still considered outsiders. In any case, we live mixed, intertwined, and we accept each other. In reality is not so easy to know who is here and who is there.

We invite you to answer the following test. If you are here to reaffirm their identity. If on the other hand, you will discover how close (or far) that is to resemble Here: 1. The first thing anyone does in the morning Here is a. Prepare the coffee b. Take coffee, c.

Ask the neighbor a little water to make coffee; d. Bathing (When there is water); e. None of the above. 2. The water color Here is a. Cloudy b. Crystal c. Cloudy but an effort can be taken d. Costly e. yCual water? 3. The first arrest was made here to protest the lack of water was a. Twenty years ago, b. Ten years ago, c. Two years ago d. A year ago, but you could not leave because no water for bathing. 4. Indicate which of the phrases heard most often: a. “This town is going to end”; b. “This year has been worse than the previous” c. “So and so stole but did”; d. “This is not anybody manages” e. All of the above. 5. The people here are characterized by: a. Throw the trash in the street; b. To say never again to vote and then vote on a friend’s friend (“I do it because it is you, compadre” and then come back to repentance, c. Voting for anyone other than the group that has ruled over the past seven years d. regret having voted for who voted for him and long for the days of those who criticized both e. All of the above. 6. Where pave a road: a. The baptized with name of any politician of yesteryear; b. Shortly after the break because the water supply company should do some work, c. The municipality is borrowing and paying it lasts ten years; d. Rainwater (or others) and sand are responsible to clear the pavement. E. yCual pavement? 7. The most representative symbol of Here is a. A crab because it represents how we move; b. The tail of a cow, because it symbolizes how we progress: back and bottom; c. A chameleon, because it represents the beliefs of the majority; d. A toad and you do not know why. is a renowned Colombian journalist and writer, a teacher linked to several Colombian universities. He is the author of four books and co-author of three others that address the topic of leadership, ethics and Human Development. It is often invited as a speaker at conferences, forums and other academic events.

Free Trade

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A free trade agreement free trade agreement (FTA) is a regional or bilateral trade agreement to expand the market for goods and services between the participating countries. Basically, is the elimination or substantial reduction of tariffs on goods between the parties, and agreements on services. This agreement is governed by the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) or by mutual agreement between participating countries. An FTA is not necessarily an economic integration, social and regional policy, such as the European Union, the Andean Community, Mercosur and the South American Community of Nations. While these were established to promote trade, also included provisions for tax and budgetary policy and the movement of people and common political bodies, missing elements in an FTA.Historically, the first FTA was the Franco-British Treaty of free trade) (or Cobden-Chevalier Treaty) signed in 1860 and it also introduces the most favored nation clause.

Serve In Large For Baduel And Neo Millenarian

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I think I have already many days with my cynical side disarrayed, so I tried to not write anything in this site. Somehow I felt that I would be impossible to prevent that cynicism and bad blood enturbiaran as written but it is that today already not I can remain so formal. Since I heard it yesterday do discourse? words are circling me from general Baduel and was already soft, if I have something to say to anyone who wants to read I want to start these words from my soul first thanking Almighty and Eternal God, for having given me the privilege of serving you in big from this position, still protected by his powerful hand to see Mr. general, please explain to us the Venezuelans what has been that great service provided to God Almighty and eternalin what it has been; who is that God doesn’t seem to have nothing to do with ours and why are so many millions of people who feel cheated and betrayed when you, from the privileged position that has enjoyed for so long, did absolutely nothing, but is that anything, even timidly, propose all the weight that this authority gave him, all these issues that in his shameful departure mentioned. Happens to me today by designs of the most high, to whose will welcome me meekly, and decision of superiority, the General in Chief Gustavo Rangel Briceno Ese high whom you appreciates and welcomes meekly; the same high that deposes you of his command, because it is already clogging with their spiritual concepts and professionalization of the FAN, has put in place who represents the diametrically opposite to what you, in good time, dares to suggest and who comes with much enthusiasm to finish once and for all any hint of institutionality that stay in the FAN and replace it without modesty and decency by onepopular militia under the direct command and the exclusive service of the most high that will show the world what most indigenous of the revolutionary project and the social political transit which you seem to have finally discovered yesterday.

Tourism Policy

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Just recently happened the case of Egypt in which a good part of the population is protesting that a change of Government, point to analyze is whether it is really necessary to close the different tourist places, I think that this is a way of pressuring the international community, it is however evident that the most damage that occurs is in the country’s economy since the tourism industry represents an important part of their income. While you have to respect the different processes that each country also must be respected to the thousands of people who bought in advance a trip for mentioned target and have been cancelled, also different agencies and operators of travel that have had problems with this situation, remember that all this are examples of past commitments that if the country does not assume would undermine its image in the future. Usually cause great discomfort to the tourists who were in the country at the time of the protests because of the different difficulties that may have to do their paperwork (example: permissions, visas, etc.) In addition to blocking many tourist places are somehow damaged physically due to violent protests, the lack of continuity in the maintenance of some facilities due to strikes, etc. Many times throughout history we have seen how different human groups retaliate against tourism or try to control these areas to impose their interests, we have seen in the majority of cases at the end which hurts is the same country and not only in the present but in the future, and for many years, it is important to separate different political situations (which always exist in countries) tourist interests for which a sustainable development that ensures the future of tourism can be secured in this way. Original author and source of the article

Procedural Management

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The courts of instance of the most important judicial districts are the first who succumb to the increase of the litigiousness. Courts whose optimum performance has been sought with greater zeal, now it takes even semesters to admit pending simple monitorios procedures, making themselves completely unrecoverable debts claimed; so the solution becomes the real problem. In search of the coveted remedy, any procedural reform arises with the aim of freeing judges and magistrates primarily responsibilities which they may incur on the staff member of the Court of which they are owners in terms of human resources. The idea is that they have more time to render justice, and not employing all its efforts to remedy labor problems. This must certainly be the goal, but once more the shortsightedness of our political leaders prevents evaluate solutions that could be described as innovative. And thereon as a lawyer with an overview, I am absolutely convinced that the only possible solution passes through the privatization of procedural management, so only servants attached to the justice, are those who have assigned decision-making: judges and magistrates. And not only because it is unsustainable to maintain an official for every three workers of the private sector in Spain.

If not because the private work and public no, here and anywhere in the world. Procedural processing only has a road and a resolution term that has to be understood both factual and legal terms.And as soon as possible to verify all the luck in performances that entails, before the constitutional right to effective judicial protection will be filled. Do not accept deviations. They are not possible. Reason why those who develop such work do not have to be cloaked via shake-up Statute of impartiality and irremovability of which do deserve our judges. It will then when how contracting public administration may establish standards and Sue yields, providing the citizen as a user service that deserves. Far voices expressed believing that to make justice work are not needed more resources, but the optimization of existing ones, have had to rectify the received pressure.

As a labor lawyer my imprint is that while many of the current officials would not have accommodated this possible scenario, many others truly involved with its mission, would with privatization higher levels of job satisfaction, rights and even higher remuneration. This except best opinion and judgement. The debate remains open.

Eastern Europe

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Realities of two worlds, mine two worlds, mine two truths, one that I learned to coexist, and another one that I understood when knowing, becoming part of me for one determined time. A brief moment. For times it asked to me: – Why they do not leave them in peace? Do not leave its lands, our lands, my land, Plague, what it happened with Plague? Where I am? – My city, helps the people, the people, it, where it, this? – It was drowned, yesterday. – Ah? How? That it asks, however as, water, much water. – And now, as it will be of plus a family? What she will be of all the families? How it will be the return and it will be always the same return, perpetual? you are muss sein? , here in me also? you are muss sein? , here, in Sobral. – Where I am? My city, for times the union history and truth placed me around next realities, Plague being invaded and my flooded city being, the people of Plague being I banish, and for times obliged to be overwhelmd the situations of domination for other peoples, my imaginary city, and the people of my city of truth being obliged to sleep in the street, in way to degradation and the wills of others in giving temporary shelters, the ones to it that you are welcome had and had lost everything to that they had never had nothing and nothing they will still have for much time, to see the desperation of the people in escape for Switzerland or France, from fear the Soviet Union or to see families in escape from fear furious waters, that they take off lives and they delay dreams, to see families if separating of retaliation politics, or to see families from fear if losing in way the funerals, and insanities, temporary.

Diplomacy Tarot

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When diplomacy does not achieve the desired results, is the time for which the Knight of swords Act, and the lo hara by the violent way. But violence does not refer necessarily to brutality physics, in the case of this Arcanum of the tarot, but a sudden and hostile movement which may be seen as a threat to many people. And even when they do not feel threatened, the actions of the Knight of swords will make do with greater caution than usual. The Knight of swords has no minor consideration by emotions, so if the consultant is in a situation in your life where you need to make a radical change, this letter from tarot tells you that be imperative to do what is necessary, with a heart strong and determined. Generally, when this tarot card refers to an event, what does is highlight the sudden nature of the same. It is something that come or happen unexpectedly, but now this consultant warned. This is a letter that has great relationship with politics, and often reflects the resignation of a political leader, or the start of a new mission. He be represented by this Knight proceed without any consideration with the emotions.

It is not not have emotions or feelings, but that duty suppressing them, because the events require that so. The heart is the center of compassion, and also is the center of fear, is why the Knight of swords does not take into account what happens in your heart, because the always work without even imagining that may be defeated. This person has a great self-confidence, that knows exactly what he wants, and how to get it but need to warn, as with all Tarot decks, swords can hurt both who wields them to who receives blows, therefore be indispensable to appeal to the greater understanding of the events to make sure that the action fast to the Knight of swords proposes is not a retrieved triumph with further deterioration to the winner for the vanquished. The Jack of Spades never give reverse out of fear, which turn it into a pillar of strength. The powerful energy of this arcane tells us that we will have the strength to prevail, and also the determination. The Love Tarot meaning of the ACE of cups Articles La Torre in the Gypsy tarot Tarot Gitano message of Tarot cards, neither so simple nor so complex letters of the tarot & intuition The Tarot cards and Tarot Gitano intuition Articles the intuition and the Tarot cards Articles

Samaniego System

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I am not referring to specific companies, I refer to the economic system, as a system. And now, we begin to realize that the economy depends on the environment and the environment is deteriorating faster What we can restore any form of balance. We don’t seem to have another option to learn the lesson, most of humanity will sink with these obsolete systems: political system, economic system e, inclusively, the religious system, especially of the monotheistic religions. We are about to explode, simply, because it is becoming unsustainable human behavior. And the worst thing is that we are so immersed in this economic, social and political relationship that there seems no way out.

It would seem that there has never been another way of living. But, it is not true, it’s just the way we have known, but that also means that it is the only or the best option, worse after seeing the effects. What is what has moved to modern humanity? That’s the question that needs to be done behind each system to find a series of responses that can probably be summarized in very concrete things. A couple of days ago I was invited to give a talk on various topics and theme that humans really aren’t everything we encounter the Intelligent that we consider ourselves. A person jumped when I suggested that a bacterium seems to be smarter than us because he has been able to survive all kinds of disasters for millions of years. Clear, may not have the ability to reason that human beings, have but what point have reasoning if we do do to destroy us and destroy what surrounds us? Consider it better, especially because in reacting to a comparative comment of defensive form, it will be because it hits the human ego and the idea that we have of how important we are.

Intelligences are unmatched, but as a metaphor I think that it applies pretty well to shake a little awareness. And, what can I do? There is much that can be done, for starters, inquire about what is good for nature and our relationship with it. Think that it is time to not let us govern by the impulses of the ego and start working together for the common welfare, not just the individual. There are actually many things that can be done, but that much it implies leaving the comfort, let laziness, let the habit because all you need to do things to improve implies changes. Aware Governments should subsidize the use of renewable energy and just today told me that Germany is determined to go down that road. In this case, they should promote the use of free energy. But that should not be the majority, not only because they are no longer receiving income, but because they begin to lose power because people will become more self-sufficient. That should not be the political or religious. The economy you need do is transformed into something that serves everyone equally. Be a means, not an end. Really, you must create new paradigms. If there are people who are moving with options such as open source or open source, but still don’t charge enough force to make an impact globally. Needs more people willing to change habits and that can align priorities in one direction to which benefits to the Planet.

The Great

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We were not surprised by so much that the great initiate, spiritual teachers guides insist on the importance of Taming the Mint for quieting the agitation that generate thoughts. Everything seems to indicate that the problem is that we are not owners of ourselves because we identify ourselves with thoughts, allowing that it dominates our lives to such an extent that we cannot be ourselves for one single moment. Being oneself is to live without thoughts, be as a child without prejudices, without condemning, without accepting, nor reject anything, free of any conditioning whether social, cultural, political, religious etc. Thinking is memory and memory is of the past, this is the reason why we always go ahead or we are left behind, we are always thinking in what we did or what we do, we never live the present active, the here and now. Live the here and now, is to be aware, the awakening of consciousness, be attentive, delve into the tao as some point out, it is to go by the true path, it is all the same, different words to define one thing, which is meditating. Be attentive is to be observant, watchful, witness of everything what is happening both internally as externally. To listen there must be an interest and a silent observation, one can not be attentive if you’re constantly prattling with himself.

If we want to learn math, physics chemistry or whatever and we are talking to ourselves, thinking what we did or what we do, that lack of attention will not allow us that learn. And learning about ourselves is to meditate, there can be no meditation without own knowledge, knowing oneself is the beginning of the meditation. Hence, say, that one can not take four steps without starting by the first, nor can one speak of death without knowing what is life, talk of the past without knowing who is what there is here, not say that it is God without knowing first who us. If one is interested in learning could not begin knowing – that it is God, truth, wisdom, death, etc.-so if you already know does not need to learn. Thought to be memory, knowledge, only you can move from what you know to what you know, this is the limited and narrow field in which you can move, you can never go more than about himself, from what is known.

The unknown – death, the afterlife, reincarnation, God, truth etc.-give by known based on the ideas, thoughts, knowledge and experiences of others, but if we want to be serious and honest with ourselves we have to recognise that we only know that it is the unknown relying on the knowledge and experiences of others. And if we already have an experience is this pleasant and enjoyable or more unpleasant, we should realize that which produces it, experienced it and which you want to repeat or not, it is the same. When we feel fear, it is the mind that produces it, it you are experiencing and want to escape from that unpleasant experience. Account the mind without even realising it divides itself into experimenter and experience, observer and observed. But the observer is the observed, the thinker thinking and the experimenter what experienced. Original author and source of the article.