BRAC at the Oceana Naval Air Station

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Oceana Naval Air Station for the first time is included in the federal government’s Base Realignment and Closure evaluations. The BRAC Commission’s review of military installation recommendations resulted in new rules for land use surrounding both Oceana and nearby Fentress Air Field. The BRAC order detailed directions to the City of Virginia Beach to implement new rules to halt development in certain areas around NAS Oceana, known as Accident Potential Zone 1 (or APZ-1), that the Navy has deemed to be incompatible with flight operations.

Virginia Beach is committed to keeping Oceana and preserving the quality of life for all residents in the city. Part of the Navy family for nearly 60 years, the city has always served in partnership with the Navy.

In true democratic fashion, the city’s leadership and citizens together reached an agreement regarding land use around the base.

The End

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It does not think my respect badly. I clarify: the politicians do not deserve that let us use our intelligence against them. Let us not forget in them that to speak badly of them he is to speak of them! to speak of them is to keep them in evidence! We do not want this. We want that they disappear! Therefore, one more time we go being valid in them the words of the poet: ' ' It wanted to want to sing sharpened with them, to silence in respect to its settles in an ecstasy, to be indecent! But everything is very bad ' ' We know that it has, for there, much people that not if it contents in singing as the poet sang. It has much people for there that he is ' ' sharpened with eles' '. It has much people for there that she prefers ' ' to silence in respect to its transe' ' indecent, immoral, illicit, only because with this if &#039 keeps in some rank nominated for some figuro to occupy some of the calls; ' reliable position ' '.

E, in the end of the accounts, is because of that ' ' they are sharpened with eles' ' that they reelect year year after. If year after year they reelect themselves are because she has people that she votes in them, and votes in them because she agrees to what they make! She observes and she sees that everything this is truth. We say this from our state, but ' ' rotten poderes' ' they empesteiam entire Brazil. State for state, in our country, the cases are innumerable where the comrade is a well-known outlaw, but in the following election she comes back to be candidate and if she chooses with the popular vote. There somebody speaks: ' ' it was chosen because it bought votes.

Bologna Declaration

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Convergence in the European space of higher education (EEES) is still somewhat turbulent in our country. The EHEA is commonly known as Bologna as this city where the Declaration of the European political representatives by which they undertook to create that space occurred. He intends that educational systems above very different among themselves, in order to facilitate the mobility of students and teachers and give validity to the qualifications of any country in order to work in another country converge. This is what was intended to the Bologna Declaration, of 1999, which defends cultural and educational diversity of different countries, which shows that in no case should be confused with uniform convergence. Lately, it is common to find universities with signs that say NO to Bologna. Critics of this process accuse him of wanting to privatize the public University, Commodifying it, degrade the University titles and wanting to subject the University to the interests of the market. Recently there have been acts of protest: against the European rectors gathered in Barcelona, days of struggle in different universities, strikes, demonstrations, closures and discussions, all these actions framed in a fight against Bologna.

But what really is happening? I have to declare that if truly Bologna represents what they say that manifest themselves in against him, certainly they do not have with me in this process. I am not willing to contribute to the privatization and commodification of the public University, or to degrade the University titles, nor to subordinate the knowledge to the exclusive interest of the market. Nor to convert the University at a vocational school in which predominate with exclusivity the teachings based on the skills and abilities, and to stop being what should be, a place where in addition to prepare good professionals generate and transmit knowledge, a space for reflection and thought, of debate and criticism, and above all a place of research and discussion about the problems and challenges that white to mankind, which are many.

Brazilian Culture

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To give to beginning the theoretical recital a survey of the psicossociais aspects of the use of marijuana became necessary showing the representation of this in the society, in the direction to understand that the relations are constructed socially and permeadas for questions politics, economic and cultural. In years 50 youthful pleas had appeared on the system and its rules, had the certain feeling of insatisfao between the young Americans, therefore nor all were made use to assume the roles preset in the society or determined standards already. They were in search of a true freedom, different emotions and new sensations, which incluam the use of drugs. This period was marked for a called movement Beat Generation (PEAR TREE, 1985). In years 60 hippie appears the movement and the cultivation, where in the scene of the social movements the drug was present as Tropicalismo Brazilian popular music and to express innovative ways of if holding, to be and to feel. The cultivation was basic for the tropicalistas in questions related to critical the mannering one, the institutions declared insolvent, to the orthodox militancy, the culture occidental person, the universities; questions these that had been express in artistic manifestations, mainly in music (BARROS, 2000).

These movements had been important cultural landmarks, economic politicians and for the context of the society occidental person and had exerted influences in the following decades. In such a way, in the current context it can be thought about two forms of use: ritualizado and the delinquent of masses contemporary, that they differ because the first one reaffirms cultural values while as the demand a line of escape and rupture. this as if mainly propagated in the contemporaneidade due to the repression, that unchained in the wild and rebellious use, mainly from the communities hippies, that they had been coerced, what consequently favored to the use of drugs more weighed and hard (PERLONGHER in LANCETTI, 1991).

World Prophecies

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When I started to develop the idea of touching this issue very quickly became very apparent to me that was something huge. As most of the people who had a basic surface knowledge of Mayan aspects of end December 21, 2012 date and his remarkable ability to control time and space. What we quickly learned was that there is more to the equation of 2012 and the end of the world. Or the possibility that as many now say the end of time. So there is a big difference. It seemed that the more I learned, I got huge material about prophecies and predictions about this moment in time.

To continue with the research and learn as much as I possible about the 2012 end of the world, and not least, the events that led to this date, many things began to make sense to me, especially in what regards to today’s world day and current events. As a Christian, I have a deep-seated need to believe in the Word of the Bible. My simple faith in a higher power has seen me through a lot of obstacles in life, and my ability to at least consider the possibility that I do not understand completely made me a more open person. I am by nature and conviction Ecumenical. And if we can give credit to Bible stories apparently as Adam and Eve and his Apple, Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel and the fact that Jesus lived, died and will return someday, then why it is so difficult for these same Christians to ignore completely the signals set out in the book of revelations? How is it possible to have faith in what was, and totally dismiss the Apocalypse? It is not my intention to submit the blog about 2012 end of the world as a foolproof point but my intention is to show that the end of times, is about to arrive. And the events that led to this topic don’t take them only according to my beliefs, i.e. only from a Christian point of view or Bible, because the 2012 end of the world issue goes far beyond that.

It is a Universal topic and even goes much more beyond of the Mayan calendar. It is in all the prophecies and religions. Of course, to a certain extent this topic is a religious thing, but thats something sociological, more is a thing of the environment, which is universal, is a political issue and is a scientific issue. Do your think that when we arrive to December 2012, people vera to this topic solely as a Mayan prophecy? I am 100% sure that no. Many will see the end of the world in 2012. Let’s be realistic, our world, our very existence is in complete and total crisis. We live in an acceptable time of contempt for life and simple human dignity. Our society accepts the fact that we live in a very defined classes world and the gap between rich and poor is becoming more and more every day. We are politically and socially lost. Ingnoramos completely signals that the Earth is a fragile ecosystem that needs protection, and we continue making use and abuse of our planet. I hope that this material (and is going to do it) bring much light to your life and also fashion your own concept of 2012 end of the world.

American Wonderland Gallery

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HELENA CELDRN an exhibition shows technical innovations and the art of American society, who believed in the ingenuity and inventions to improve the country. There are paintings of animals and plants, photos, patents, drawings of engineering sample addresses critical issues, such as the civil war and the extermination of the Buffalo, but ignores slavery or the situation of native Americans. The founding fathers of the United States had in the head in the colonies develop religious and political freedom that had not enjoyed in Europe. They called him the great experiment, the term was a spur to creativity and the technical progress of a community that was beginning. The heiress and developer of this initial enthusiastic thought was American Society of the 19th century.

Exhibit The Great American Hall of Wonders (great American Wonderland Gallery) in the Smithsonian’s New York Museum focuses on this idealist moment in which all inventors, felt explorers and documenters of a new nation, now freed of the British Empire. The world was new, the possibilities were so infinite as the territories. They called people full of inventiveness and set out to improve their quality of life with innovations mechanical, in addition to artistically document the wonders of nature that offered them the part of America that lived. The Sequoia, Buffalo and sample Niagara Falls discusses belief in the U.S. territory as a place of abundant natural resources (with symbols such as the Sequoia, Buffalo or Niagara Falls) and on the other hand technological advances. Among the nearly 200 objects gathered there are paintings of animal species and vegetation, idyllic landscapes, photographs pioneers, models of inventions, engineering drawings a corpus showing enthusiasm and the belief that all were carriers of a wit that could contribute to improving the country.

But this gallery of American wonders also discusses, in the midst of the naive enthusiasm of the Americans of the 19th century, aspects that are still critical. The organizers include the American Civil war and the extermination of the species, in particular of the Buffalo. Perhaps by a convenient and excessive focus on pure scientific and technical innovation, the exhibition ignores the question of slavery or the situation of the native American population. The 19th century also is the time of manifest destiny, a term coined by John L. Or Sullivan (the director of a New York newspaper) in 1845. The doctrine stated that Americans of European origin had to expand from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific by divine mandate, by a special Decree of heaven. That meant the occupation of the lands of the Indians, who saw much of the colonists as simple savages or as unable to fit into this new order beings. Forced to relocate or to adapt to the society of the newcomers, 19th century meant for Indian another step towards decline final while American young enthusiasts discovered a new world seized by the desire to build. Source of the news: the innocent wonders of 19th century American

Soviet Socialist Republics

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This because the people is ahead of the joy of the leader and its benevolence, being that the leader is ' ' defensor' ' of its people, and that he leads and said, what he is good bad for its people. Ahead of the aesthetic one of the Totalitarianism, maniquesmo if makes almost that total gift in its day. The Fascism and the Nazism, that had had its apex and its destruction in the period of world-wide wars, had used to advantage of satiated raw material to moldurar its governmental programs. The lack of a leader who took Italy and Germany to a place between the great European nations came to be supplanted with the appearance of ' ' Fuhrer and of the Duce' '. Although many scholars reduce the importance politics of Mussolini and comment that the Italian Fascism had a force lowermost politics in relation to Germany de Hitler.

The Fascism if drew out for other European countries of agricultural and half-industrialized character as Spain and Portugal, as well as the working-class movement, having as first the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, lulled to sleep one incited fight between the left and the right in some European countries, motivated in very for the incredulity in liberalism and the moral crisis that the Europe passed after the World War I soon. Around this scope it had a proliferation of small dictatorships as much rightist, how much leftist. Already before the crisis of 1929, regimes authoritarian and fascists they arrive at the power: in 1919 in the Hungria (Admiral Horthy), in 1922 in Italy (Mussolini), in 1923 in Spain (Primo de Rivera) and Turkey (Kemal Ataturk) in 1925 in Albania (Amhed Zogu), in 1926 in the Poland (Pilsudski) in the Litunia (Smetona Voldemars) and in Portugal (Gomes of the Coast), and in 1929 in Yugoslavia (where the King Alexander surprises the constitution and organizes an authoritarian government.

The Principles

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I am confident that the Creator is not prepared for us a fratricidal war for the unwise political ambitions of some Chechen leaders. There is one very beautiful Chechen word with far-reaching semantic content – BART, which is only a first approximation, can be translated as' peace agreement or vzaimoponyatnaya agreement '. I would like to make it entered the Russian language, so it is valuable and practical in daily use. Admit it, that we constantly hear calls for this very Barth. And repeated calls, but difficult to see, is always inversely proportional to the presence of Bart. JH: – I will tell of their experience of Dagestan. As a rule, the unity and harmony ('Tsohi' by Avar) urge the most, those who built up the economic foundation of its influence still hungry and power.

In doing so they avoid talking to the point: the actual and the principles on which we build our unity, which itself set strategic goals and objectives, and we should therefore together? Pure demagoguery to which resort local oligarchs, the leaders of the influential 'clans'. 'What do you, living on rent and theft, (if you look at the essence of things), creating a huge' family 'mafia type, and between those like me, many tens of thousands of Dagestan? Blood, nationality? Sorry brother, our ways. " – This is about, the reasoning of a large part of Dagestan of the intelligentsia. In my opinion, this is, as well as the influence of Islam and traditions of inter-ethnic harmony rescued so far, Dagestan from big 'showdown' and bloodshed.

Population Displacement

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INTRODUCTION the migration occurs since the beginning of the history of the humanity. It consists of the space mobility of the population, that is, to move, to pass of a country, state, region for other places, definitively or periodically. For even more analysis, hear from Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions. What it takes the population to dislocate itself are different and diverse economic reasons of order, politics, cultural and social. As well as job lack, loss of the housing, searchs of better economic and social conditions. During this project on Population Displacement, it is necessary to know what the pupils think and know on the subject and to cite examples of displacement or migration of the population. After that, we present the concept, the causes and consequences of this process. 2.

JUSTIFICATION Facing of pessimistic form, the Northeast is seen as simbolizao of the hunger, ahead dries and to misery and of this picture the northeastern if it sees acquitted and it leaves in search of better conditions of life. In the hope to have one possibility, many leave its place of origin to run away from dry and the lack of chances north-eastern, dislocating itself for other regions dreaming of the developed place, that not only can give new perspectives to them of life, as it can fit them in the technological domain. When arriving at the great centers, these citizens start to frequentar the peripheries of the cities, living of a prejudiced system inside. The objective that if considers this article is to consider the population displacement, observing the reasons of the intense internal migration, coinciding the concentration of the urban population in the great cities. 3. 3,1 OBJECTIVES GENERAL? To analyze the new routes and standards of the population displacement in Brazil, as well as raising hypotheses of its causes and analyses of the forecasts. To understand as the process of the population displacement for being forced e, at the same time, to generate feelings in a person or a family (suffering, frustration, sadness, homesickness and also hope, desire and expectation).

Baltic Customs Yesterday And Today

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Baltic Customs is an institution which carries out customs registration of the port of St. Petersburg. Now this custom is in the North-West Customs Administration. The start of the Baltic Customs in the history of our countries can be considered when a port north of the capital came first foreign freighter. It happened in 1703. According to the Chronicle, laden Dutch ship were salt and wine. Significant customs clearance St. Petersburg was held on November 15. The first Russian newspaper Vedomosti wrote that the Dutchman's crew consisted of the skipper and several sailors. At the behest of Mr. Governor took mariners 'as usual'. Reception the first guests of the Baltic Customs was noble: the captain got five hundred gold rubles, and the sailors – 'for thirty thalers' (equivalent to 15 rubles). Specialists Baltic customs to this day remains one of the first who, along with doctors and guards up the flat on the piers and gangways meets vessels arriving in the waters of our country from abroad. The modern version of the Baltic Customs was registered in October 1992 and implement customs in St. Petersburg alone Baltic Customs was the beginning of the year 1993. Historically, the Baltic Customs connected with the development of the northern capital as a major sea and river ports. Baltic Customs, being internal to the body of the city, both the border. Following the specifics of the organization, she has to pass in transit affects the amount of cargo, and many more – customs clearance.

Democracy Dressed

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Dressed democracy Teodulo Lopez Melendez for talk of dresses will surely go to the Greeks, but specifying that such travel must be made only when referring one to the dresses of democracy. Dresses may be fashionable or demode because, at the end and Cape, the fashionable word got us to French Spanish mode, and this in turn from the latin modus, only that the treacherous language can tell us that fashion is a regulatory mechanism of elections. The rest put dresses to Mrs democracy – were commissioned the so-called ideologies which, even today, manufactured adjectives in series without accepting that they are fashion passes. To pay honor to the origin of the word fashion there is no citing Ives Saint Laurent: over the years I’ve learned that the important thing in a dress is the woman who wears it. There was no quorum, there was no way to take decisions, it was necessary to resort to economic incentives so that citizens blossom. Democracy is in crisis, they exclaimed the more concerned.

This first dispossession of the fashion was there in Athens and who denounced it was nothing less than Aristotle. To decrease the concerns, Aristophanes wrote the Assembly of women where, unceremoniously looks the sensitive issue with eyes of satire. Indeed, Blepiro, Assemblyman, suffers from constipation and has to devote himself to solve it, what makes some live to take advantage of so arduous effort to exercise democracy with other dress. The political act is an act of mobilization of foreign wills with enough efficiency to make affected the packaging, that is, what is fashionable. The philosopher Saint Laurent, the Rationalist way of French thinking, as I quote him, however discovered that the important thing is the woman and not the dress. It is essential to resort to the cynical school when democracy puts the same dress of the dictatorship, without even realising it has are two very different women.