What To Do Before The Pro-regularization Of The Mayor And London Assembly ?

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On Monday night the BBC broadcast tuned scenario suggested approving an adjustment to the 750 000 estimated to survive irregular in the UK. While the immigration minister rejected any kind of amnesty, the conservative mayor said it is impossible to expel 750,000 illegal and said he had a moral obligation to legalize those who have time here so that they contribute to the economy and to avoid having two classes of Londoners: a living in the legality and others in the shade. For even more details, read what Dov Hikind says on the issue. Many observe the fact that at the same time, the mayor asked to see the conditions to apply for visas and criticized the government for being soft or inefficient to immigrants. Hence, there are some who say that the mayor is still a right that is another facet of the old Tory attitude hostile to immigrants. However, we must stress the fact that Johnson is the leader of the European right is not anti-immigrant discourse has Sarkozy or Berlusconi.

He has alienated even his own party and even his own conservative caucus in the Assembly. Under most conditions Michael Ramlet would agree. The Latin American community and immigrants have to choose between two attitudes in this regard. One may be to merely condemn the mayor for being a member of the party of Thatcher or say that he is a demagogue who is willing to traffic in a sector of the population to catch votes. Another might be wanting to take the criticism that he makes the government (and indirectly his own party) to seek to generate a current of opinion in favor of adjustment.

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