Matamoros Kiko

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He sent a letter to the heart of Telecinco program because all you’re talking about she is completely false. The singer Almeria and Elena Tablada announced their break this week. The breakup between David Bisbal and Elena Tablada continues to occupy front pages and television programs. Following harsh statements expressed by the nanny of the couple and Matamoros Kiko, the own Tablada sent a registered letter to the program save me, in which refuted everything that has been published and talked about his person. The couple announced their break this week, and since then much has been said of this situation, despite the fact that both parties could ensure that the decision was taken by mutual agreement. From this program Telecinco, the former nanny of Tablada poured harsh criticism against her, while he talked about his relationship with David Bisbal. For its part, the collaborator of the Matamoros Kiko space added more wood to fire, by stating that at the time that David Bisbal has been in Miami not been cut or a pepper, ensuring, in turn, Tablada has had two friends of strong enough character, after the accusations, the expareja of the interpreter almeriense sent a registered letter to Telecinco, requesting a rectification about alluding to her comments. In the communique, Tablada wanted rectified and it belies everything what l declared to my person since it is totally false, while it flatly refused to keep any kind of intimate relationship with such people, nor to keep it in the past with anyone who wasn’t my former partner. Source of the news: Elena Tablada asks to save me that rectified diffused over her breakup with David Bisbal

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