Tourism Policy

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Just recently happened the case of Egypt in which a good part of the population is protesting that a change of Government, point to analyze is whether it is really necessary to close the different tourist places, I think that this is a way of pressuring the international community, it is however evident that the most damage that occurs is in the country’s economy since the tourism industry represents an important part of their income. While you have to respect the different processes that each country also must be respected to the thousands of people who bought in advance a trip for mentioned target and have been cancelled, also different agencies and operators of travel that have had problems with this situation, remember that all this are examples of past commitments that if the country does not assume would undermine its image in the future. Usually cause great discomfort to the tourists who were in the country at the time of the protests because of the different difficulties that may have to do their paperwork (example: permissions, visas, etc.) In addition to blocking many tourist places are somehow damaged physically due to violent protests, the lack of continuity in the maintenance of some facilities due to strikes, etc. Many times throughout history we have seen how different human groups retaliate against tourism or try to control these areas to impose their interests, we have seen in the majority of cases at the end which hurts is the same country and not only in the present but in the future, and for many years, it is important to separate different political situations (which always exist in countries) tourist interests for which a sustainable development that ensures the future of tourism can be secured in this way. Original author and source of the article

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