Then This I Am

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Then this am I? Desires and wills are everything what I am? That they are acted hastily to come to tona. Of full belly, or crawling in the gutter. The suicidal one, or that one that saved lives. Possessed person for an only feeling. That if metamorfoseia to each thousandth of second. That desire is this after all? The desire of being filled! With satisfaction and pleasure, with harmony and the joy of the purest and crystalline energy of the life. Ace times can be with any thing, but most of the time it is with much thing.

Family, sex, fame, money, power, honor, knowledge. They are in the top of the list. Until not on more nothing? Engolindo eagerly everything to the return, chewing the alive substance, deglutindo each minimum particle, saboreando the essence of the life? But if it arrives at the conclusion in the end that to want for wanting does not take the nothing. To want is a mere tool created in mago of the being to reach something beyond the simple desire for desire, to reach itself exactly.

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