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The Portuguese Language is not easy. How much to the too much languages atrevo to comment nor me, therefore I do not imagine as somebody reads and writes (or it would be draws) in Japanese, Mandarin or Arab. Therefore, I made this article so that some leave to catch in the foot of the elect Representative ‘ ‘ Tiririca’ ‘ of its more than a million and three hundred a thousand voters. In day of heat, you listening is sweating and the bell of the church to sound She was in the doubt? The doubt is related with in the distance of the sound of the bell or if people its and bell sound? This is our Portuguese, rich Language in almost identical words to express so different things Ah, we sweat and the bells sound. But, and if you invite its love for the cinema session, thinking to see Troop of the Elite 2 and it was thinking to see Twilight? To complicate, before this you remember that she needs to pass in the Section where works, therefore you will be officialized the cession of its copyrights? He is certain that when writing some ‘ ‘ esses’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ ces’ ‘ ‘ ‘ cedilhas’ ‘ they had not escaped of its hands or they had disappeared of the ink of the penxs? If they had fallen, fixes (with ‘ ‘ esse’ ‘) can until giving up the cinema session and going to the concert (with ‘ ‘ c’ ‘) of that Orchestra (Sinfnica or Filarmnica) what will have only presentation in that theater that takes the name of a celebrity German musician or would be Austrian? Educated that we are, we go to compliment all the gifts and astonishing in them at the length of the hall covered in Italian marble, that decorates the theater richly. Although you can find excess, you are evident that all the women in that hall, without exception, they are dressed in luxurious way, the height it erudite spectacle that will start with Swiss precision, in five minutes. Certainly, the concert alone will pass unobserved if some unfurnished occupies place in the enclosure or is in some isolated annex acoustically and it did not notice that in annex to the invitation it had addend with programming and schedule of presentation of each musical part. Therefore, let us not pass for insipientes and let us notice the incipient arvoredo that exactly that he is daqui to a century will produce flowers beautiful. You who read all text, and really did not need or the least did not think about consulting Dictionary or to search in the Google, has to agree, after as much doubt with only some words of our language, is not pure malvadeza to want to only submit the poor person ‘ ‘ Tiririca’ ‘ the dictated one? Ah, ‘ ‘ aditado’ ‘ together it is another thing Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist of the assessorship of the press of the City hall of Sumar. edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.br.

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