The Principles

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I am confident that the Creator is not prepared for us a fratricidal war for the unwise political ambitions of some Chechen leaders. There is one very beautiful Chechen word with far-reaching semantic content – BART, which is only a first approximation, can be translated as' peace agreement or vzaimoponyatnaya agreement '. I would like to make it entered the Russian language, so it is valuable and practical in daily use. Admit it, that we constantly hear calls for this very Barth. And repeated calls, but difficult to see, is always inversely proportional to the presence of Bart. JH: – I will tell of their experience of Dagestan. As a rule, the unity and harmony ('Tsohi' by Avar) urge the most, those who built up the economic foundation of its influence still hungry and power.

In doing so they avoid talking to the point: the actual and the principles on which we build our unity, which itself set strategic goals and objectives, and we should therefore together? Pure demagoguery to which resort local oligarchs, the leaders of the influential 'clans'. 'What do you, living on rent and theft, (if you look at the essence of things), creating a huge' family 'mafia type, and between those like me, many tens of thousands of Dagestan? Blood, nationality? Sorry brother, our ways. " – This is about, the reasoning of a large part of Dagestan of the intelligentsia. In my opinion, this is, as well as the influence of Islam and traditions of inter-ethnic harmony rescued so far, Dagestan from big 'showdown' and bloodshed.

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