Baltic Customs Yesterday And Today

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Baltic Customs is an institution which carries out customs registration of the port of St. Petersburg. Now this custom is in the North-West Customs Administration. The start of the Baltic Customs in the history of our countries can be considered when a port north of the capital came first foreign freighter. It happened in 1703. According to the Chronicle, laden Dutch ship were salt and wine. Significant customs clearance St. Petersburg was held on November 15. The first Russian newspaper Vedomosti wrote that the Dutchman's crew consisted of the skipper and several sailors. At the behest of Mr. Governor took mariners 'as usual'. Reception the first guests of the Baltic Customs was noble: the captain got five hundred gold rubles, and the sailors – 'for thirty thalers' (equivalent to 15 rubles). Specialists Baltic customs to this day remains one of the first who, along with doctors and guards up the flat on the piers and gangways meets vessels arriving in the waters of our country from abroad. The modern version of the Baltic Customs was registered in October 1992 and implement customs in St. Petersburg alone Baltic Customs was the beginning of the year 1993. Historically, the Baltic Customs connected with the development of the northern capital as a major sea and river ports. Baltic Customs, being internal to the body of the city, both the border. Following the specifics of the organization, she has to pass in transit affects the amount of cargo, and many more – customs clearance.

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