The Department Meets in Apri.

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Recommend the appointment of judges of regional courts and the judicial Department, and this means that our judges are not "priests of justice" and not "elected representatives", but simply state officials, owe everything the president and chairman of the regional court, but feared the most qualifying (Disciplinary) Panel of Judges! Respects is the official civil society itself? I am far from the view that judges have someone any indication, it's much easier – the mentality of the whole system at a subconscious level dictates the judges rules – rules that are not conducive to high-quality solutions only for the reason that over their need to think more, and decisions are often made only on the inner conviction judge solely on the most simple scheme: 'and do not complicate our lives. " Passive society, according to the daily disrespect to himself, has a huge minus in historical retrospect – underdevelopment and lack of a national idea that can integrate this society. But we should not forget what country we live in and how little time has passed The path to the temple is impossible without repentance. Most notable level of fairness of the judiciary, which is manifested in regard to historical errors, in particular to the repressed citizens, while protecting those who due to age, physical weakness and lack of funds can no longer stand up for himself. In April 2009, the Volga city of Saratov district court dismissed the changing the way of execution of the decision of the court repressed, who unsuccessfully stood for sixteen years pervoocherednikom for apartments, which lost in case of conviction on political article.

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