Dalva Owner

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Its wife, a folgada woman and that she was dressed vulgarly, all spent the money in clothes and maquiagem. They had had two children: two annoying and put young, as the mother! Jorge gave a cracking kiss in the face of Dalva Owner, who played as if she cleaned the saliva excess. All in the table had laughed. Jonio, the twin brother of Jorge was come close to give one to it hugs. As these were loved two! Jonio has luck better: it is married a young woman who was teacher in Jonio met in profession embroidering. With much sacrifice, its children had completed average education and all were used.

They had decided that the mother would not work more and supported the house, paid a health plan and still they travelled with it of vacation. Zefinha had a pretty family, could not be different. Dalva owner looked at for the son who kissed the face affectionately to it: – She is liking the party, mother? Dalva owner made that yes with the head. She could not have greater happiness of what to have all the congregated family, but lacked a person. – I feel lack only of Antonio, Zefinha. – It did not forget Mrs., mother! – I know of this, son.

It binds to all the sundays to me! She was when Dalva Owner heard that soft and calm voice. A silence took account of the hall all and its son Antonio desired, together with the wife and the grandsons, happy birthday to you to the mother, of the telo to the front. It sends a video of Australia, for where he had left has fifteen years almost. He comes back to visit the relatives only two times, but always he telephoned and he ordered letters and photos he stops Dalva owner. He was diligent and she lived well for there.

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