Senate Elections

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In result of this act general Ednardo D? Avila who had been remanejado for Department of Education and Research, and had if refused to assume its new functions, it would finish requesting transference for the reserve. IV – The package of April and the closing of the National Congress the Package of April was a set of laws granted in 13 of April of 1977 for then the President of the Republic of Brazil, Geisel Ernest who had as one of its main measures to close temporarily the National Congress objectifying to make the reforms that it found necessary. Of truth this package consisted of a constitutional emendation and six decree-laws that granted would modify the future elections, what after all it finished occurring. Amazon describes an additional similar source. For the elections of 1978 two teros of the Senate would be renewed. However, having the fear of the government to suffer a new defeat in the ballot boxes as in 1974 when it lost in the majority of the states, it made with that the new implanted rule guaranteed the majority governmetalist in the Federal Senate: half of the vacant in dispute finished being filled for the indirect vote it Electoral College whose composition held the members of the State legislature and commission agents of the Chambers Municipal theatres. Of this form one tero of the senators was not sufragado by the direct vote and yes after authenticated an indication of the president of the Republic. They would be called of binicos senators.

This measure aimed at to guarantee to the military a bigger group of benches in the National Congress. ' ' pacote' ' also it established the extension of the presidential mandate of five for six years, to the maintenance of indirect elections for governor and the increase of the representation of the states less populous in the National Congress. V – The destitutions of the Silvio generals Fleet, minister of the army, Hugo Abreu and the victory of general Figueiredo in indirect election for the presidency of the Republic for the National Congress Had, however, a callus in the foot of president Ernesto Geisel in view of the candidacy of the minister of the Army to the presidency of the Republic that continued being articulated during the year of 1977, arriving to get the support of a group of parliamentarians, also some parliamentarians of the MDB.

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