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It is certain that who has no address to which contact was finished on either side. The Hobos know it. They go without direction and end up away from it all. The great philosopher latino Seneca wrote, do not know to whom to where going, any wind is unfavourable to him. Some people yearn for what they see others enjoy in their lives, whether it is a life of success, good relations, luxury, million dollars, inner peace or whatever. They are unaware that they themselves are capable of having everything that others have and even more.

Although each person can have what it wants, many lives are only a pale reflection of what they are capable of giving. Each and every one of the world’s people can have everything what you wish, quick, easy and honest. But to get what you want you need to know what you want. The majority of people do not know what they want. They believe that they want this or the other, but really do not know what they want.

People say desire money, I wish success, desire love, I wish happiness, etc. All these phrases make no sense. It is like shooting in the air with your eyes closed and expected to produce each shot a duck for dinner. Any person who desires something has known before what he wanted. Sometimes it might have seemed impossible, but as they knew what they wanted, they got him. Henry Ford said he wanted a new engine in V. his engineers told him this was impossible. He answered that they manufactured. This then said you Mr Ford, that engine does not exist and the answered that engine exists and you’re going to built me so. What was the result? Impossible engine was built. Scientists have shown that it was impossible that a heavier than air object flew.

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