President Medvedev

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In the same row should be evaluated November visit of Ilham Aliyev in Ulyanovsk, where it was opened with great pomp and square a monument to Heydar Aliyev. In Baku, with a focus monitored especially protocol visit, especially that of President of Azerbaijan met at the airport, President Medvedev. Typically, the presidents of Russia met with the guests at their residences or the Kremlin. So did I. Aliyev. Analysts believe that the two leaders discussed the possibility of participating in Ulyanovsk Russian peacekeeping forces in the liberation of Azerbaijani territories.

Azerbaijani political analyst Mubariz Ahmedoglu drew journalists' attention to the fact that Ulyanovsk meeting the two presidents held after only 4 days after Aliyev openly threatened war of Armenia, speaking in a meeting with refugees in Goranboy. For the first time, no country Baku recalled that Georgia has lost South Ossetia and Abkhazia after the attack is Georgian forces on Tskhinvali, which Ahmedoghlu was rated as "demolition of Tskhinvali syndrome." Now we supposedly can, without fear and looking back to Russia to liberate occupied lands by force. Disappointment in Azeri principle and democracy in the West confirmed by a majority of the Swiss population, actually demonstrated the religious intolerance of Muslims. Meanwhile, embattled Azeri Europe never made it clear that he considers the principle of national self-determination and actively promoted Yerevan, above the principle of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. In contrast, if European politicians talk about these concepts, always territorial integrity is mentioned first. This is, without doubt, the success of the Azerbaijani diplomacy.

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